Profile Jin Kong Que

Jin Kong Que

Diana Rosen

Next up on Adagio's new sister site, is Jin Kong Que, which translates to Golden Peacock. Read more about this special tea from Yunnan, China.

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Profile Cynthia & Suzette in Changsha

China Trip 2011

Samantha Cappuccino-Williams

If you're a FaceBook friend of Adagio's, you've probably seen some of the posts about the 2011 China trip. If you're not, however, you may have no idea what I'm talking about. Allow me to recap. In April, Adagio sent their three tea buyers-Cynthia, Suzette, and Lydia-to Eastern China to find some new and exciting spring teas. They toured China for only 12 days, but what a 12 days it was!

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Profile Kerala, India

My Journey to Tea

Mikael Zaurov

Hi tea lovers. I'm the new guy here at Adagio Teas. Not only will I be offering assistance through answering emails but I'll also be doing fun projects like writing these TeaMuse articles for you all to enjoy. First and foremost, I would like to introduce myself and what experiences led me here.

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The Association of Tea Bloggers: An Introduction

Jason Walker

The Association of Tea Bloggers seek to share the knowledge they've gained through their passion for tea as well as answer questions about tea, teaware and review many popular brands of tea and take on quirky tea experiments. We're glad to have them join us for contributing articles for future articles. Come read what they are all about!

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Profile Jack Cheng The Internet's very own tea party!

Christine Rillo is the internet's very own tea party! This ever-growing website the place to be if you are either a tea connoisseur or novice. The site allows you to write and share reviews on any tea out there in the world. Read about and how they are making it easier for you to learn and love tea!

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Profile Lindsey Goodwin

Lindsey Goodwin, Vee Teas

Christine Rillo

Profiles in Tea series. Come read about Lindsey 'Vee' Goodwin, a tea connoisseur who has made her passion for tea her living, with her tea tour company based out of NYC, Vee's Teas. She blogs and writes freelance about all things tea and has many facts and stories about Camila sinensis to share.

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Profile The Tea-Totaler Program

The Tea-Totaler Program

Kate Schultz

I was surprised by how easy it was to cut out alcohol out of my life. The hard part for me was saying goodbye to the social ritual of cocktails, happy hour, beer thirty, whatever pet name you want to call it. I was convinced that every social opportunity in Manhattan is inextricably linked with boozing and therefore to be avoided, so I holed up at home, lived vicariously through Sex and the City reruns and grieved big-time for my recently departed nightlife.

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