Connecting Through Tea

By Tiffany Picard

Making Time for Friends and Loved Ones

One of the top five most common New Year's Resolutions is to spend more time with family and friends. If that's one of your resolutions this year, we've got a secret weapon to help you stay on track: Tea!

Tea has been fostering connection and friendship for millennia. From Victorian parlors, to Buddhist monasteries, to the deserts of Africa, people from all walks of life gather over cups of tea to celebrate hospitality, to socialize, and to share a pleasant moment with others.

Here are a few ideas for building tea traditions... Read more >

Sleepaway Sip-Track 2017

By Natasha Nesic

It's January, and you don't want to get out of bed.

I don't blame you! The month is often cold, wet, and leaves one feeling all too groggy, at the end of a tough day that's been filled with hard, oppressive work. Especially when you have the luxury of a toasty room, it makes it all the harder to crawl out from under those tempting sheets.

And don't get me started on super-comfy pajamas! (Mmm, flannel...)

Sleephacking has shown that if productivity is the name of your game, it matters less how much sleep you get for a good restful night, as long as the quality of sleep is sufficient... Read more >

Yoga Break 6: Boat Pose & Silver Needle

By Natasha Nesic

Boat Pose, or is the sweet second cousin to the Plank.

Once Planking fires up your core to become a foundation of strength, Boating will challenge that hard-won stability by forcing you to stay in place, no matter how hard your abs and sits bones may protest. When they do--and they should, as proof they they're working hard--just tell the complaining organs, "This is good for you, guys. Take your medicine."

And boy, is this medicine a good one. The tea we're pairing with Boat Pose is none other than Bai Hao Yin Zhen, or Silver Needle. This is a cream of the crop white tea.... Read more >

Holiday Tea Cocktails

By Sara Shacket

The holidays have arrived and whether you are celebrating with a group, or just a couple of friends, it's time to break out that cocktail shaker! Adding tea to your cocktails will give them a unique and memorable twist. Since we're all tea fanatics here, I have created two tea cocktails and one mocktail (an unspirited cocktail) incorporating festive holiday flavors that will work for any type of gathering.

Candy canes are a requirement for this time of year, so why not use their sweet minty flavor in a cocktail? I also like to add a hint of chocolate to minty drinks. The combination... Read more >

Holiday Tea Parties & Temperance in the 1800s

By Luke Pabst

In the late 1700s and 1800s, alcohol consumption in the UK was widespread and rowdy. Gin and beer were England's go-to liquid consumables at the time, tag-teaming the Victorian's into a perpetual drunkenness. They were absolutely, obsessively in love with those drinks. However, the long-lasting, soaring intoxication eventually became so extensive and rampant that it was seen as a national emergency, even at jeopardy of putting a damper on workers' productivity levels in an ever-increasing industrialized world.

But along came the steaming glorious savior, that cheap precious drink of a divine... Read more >