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Culture The Ideal InTEArview

Fashion Infusion: The Business Tea

Natasha Nesic

You've done it! You've finally arranged that super important awesome business meeting of a lifetime. Now for the venue. Chances are that you'll be meeting between 11am and 4pm, which narrows down your options. A coffee shop won't cut it, especially not if you intend to impress. A stately tea, however, is just the right touch.

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Culture Forget Christian, meet Earl Grey.

Because You Always Wanted A Monocle

Natasha Nesic

Because You Always Wanted A Monocle: Earl Grey Style 101. A black blend of rusty-sweet, followed by floral afternotes, all under the influence of bergamot's heady scent. Not to mention the way those cornflowers bobble like drunken tutus as it steeps, a small respite from the loneliness of paper-writing or deep space.

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Culture Crowds at the Victoria Tea Festival

North of the Border: Tea in Canada

Tiffany Picard

If you’re reading this article, chances are you know that tea is hot, hot, hot in the U.S. But did you know that a parallel tea movement is happening a few miles north of the border? Across Canada, tea shops and tea communities are blooming like Jasmine Pearl leaves in a teacup.

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Culture Hit the books with a cup of tea

Back To School: Tea Education

Samantha Cappuccino-Williams

'Tis the season for back-to-school! While many people have been waiting for this all summer so they can get a break from their kids, others are eager to get back to learning themselves. But you don't have to wait until September or be enrolled in a traditional school to achieve such self-improvement, especially when it comes to tea.

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Culture Part of the Adagio Teas display

2011 World Tea Expo Recap

Cynthia Fazekas

This year's World Tea Expo seemed to fly by all too quickly. First, let me state the obvious: Las Vegas is HOT. It was a toasty 103° F when we walked out of the airport to the taxi line. The dry heat did not make you feel like you were melting, but simply disintegrating on the spot. The need for iced tea was great indeed!

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Culture Lady Gaga toting fancy teaware

CelebriTEA Tastes

Christine Banks

While coffee mostly dominates the U.S. cultural lexicon (for now!), more and more celebrities are embracing tea. Sure, we can see tea featured prominently on TV shows like The Mentalist and NCIS: Los Angeles, but do the stars actually enjoy tea like the rest of us?

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Culture Our trade show booth detail.

Preview: 2011 World Tea Expo

Cynthia Fazekas

June is very special to tea people, for later this month the "who's who" of specialty tea will gather in Las Vegas for the World Tea Expo. It is a business-to-business trade show, devoted solely to specialty tea - the good stuff! For three days, industry veterans and "newbies" will attend classes, sample products, and discuss industry news.

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Culture Blogger: old school version

Tea Blogging: A History

Amy Charland

Over the past two years there has been a huge upswing in the number of tea-related blogs. In response, a vibrant online community has evolved due the common passion of tea. One has to wonder how we got here and what the future holds for tea blogging. I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to answer those questions, and here is what I discovered.

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Culture Alice in Wonderland

Tea Adventures in An Online Wonderland

Robert Schmelter

Social networking has made it easier for enthusiasts to unite online in praise of a common passion. For some, it may be friending a favorite band on MySpace. Others track the comings and goings (and random thoughts) of their favorite celebrities on Twitter. A fan of Jimmy Buffett? You and thousands of other Parrot-heads can share your favorite concert memories on Facebook.

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Culture A waiting cup

The Way of Tea

Mikael Zaurov

There was once a famous Chinese master named Zhao Zhou. He was so famous that he had visitors all the time who would come seeking the meaning of enlightenment. One day two young seekers knocked on his door begging for words of wisdom. Zhao Zhou welcomed them into his small hut and told them to sit down at a table where an old monk was already sitting. "Please tell me the meaning of Buddha," the first student asked. Zhao Zhou replied, "Drink some tea!"

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Culture Japanese Tea Garden

Japanese Tea Ceremonies


Seattle is home to two authentic locations where one can witness the beauty and noble art of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Join tea-blogger, Cinnabar of as she brings us to the Shoseian and Ryokusuian tea houses located each respectively at the Seattle Arboretum and the Seattle Art Museum.

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Culture 'Thai' Tea

Blending Teas

Christine Rillo

Inspired by all the different signature blends on our website? You too can take a crack at blending something tasty and unique. Check out this article on getting the inspiration and idea for a blend. Then head over to our website to purchase a blend or make one of your very own.

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Culture Tea by Candlelight

Steeped in Romance

Christine Rillo

Want to incorporate tea in your Valentine's day festivities? Check out this list of simple ways to infuser a little tea into your romantic evening. Also read up on some useful facts and conversation starters regarding our favorite beverage.

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Culture Olympic Pu-Erh

Olympic Worthy Tea

Christine Rillo

In 2008, the 29th Olympics were hosted in the largest tea-producing country in the world; China. As tea is one of China's gifts to the world, many Olympic-exclusive teas and merchandise were produced. Come check out what special products were offered during this special event.

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Culture World Tea Expo Video

World Tea Expo Video

Ilya Kreymerman

For the annual World Tea Expo in Las Vegas, the Adagio crew did their thing- and it was all caught on videotape! Come meet the people who help run Adagio Teas and their favorite parts of the biggest tea show on earth.

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Culture Teacup

Tea Girl Survives Coffee Town

Cynthia Fazekas

A good cuppa in the city that lives for coffee? Cynthia Fazekas, our fearless wholesale manager survives in this coffee-centric town by seeking out some great tea places. Come read about her adventures in Seattle as she check's out the city's best food and tea.

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Culture A healthy choice for college students

Tea in College

Kate Lynch

College: late nights, lots of work, bad food, parties, and...tea? Check out from resident college student Kate Lynch on how tea really is the perfect college drink. That's even excluding beer!

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Culture Tea and School Bullies

Tea and School Bullies

Mr. Tea

I love tea, I drink like four cups a day. But the kids at school keep picking on me saying that it is for girls. One guy even poured pepper into my tea when I wasn't looking and I drank it. Yuck!

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