Monthly Musings: April 2010

Hi Tea Lovers!

Welcome Spring! We have gotten our fair share of showers already, but April is here. Keep an eye out for new 2010 harvests of our teas to hit our site in the upcoming months. It's an exciting time to taste and sample the freshest of teas and to figure out what crop we will be offering to you, our fine customers!

If April does end up bringing us plenty of rainy days, why not curl up with a pot of tea and a good book? It's even better when it's about tea! There are two notable books regarding tea that have been released. The first one is almost like a historical espionage story: For All the Tea in China: How England Stole the World's Favorite Drink and Changed History. In this book, author Sarah Rose writes about the Robert Fortune, an English merchant who was sent undercover to China to uncover the Chinese's secret on tea growth and cultivation. Definitely an interesting and lurid part of tea's history! You can find an excerpt here.

The second book newly released is from Mary Lou and Robert Heiss, a husband and wife team who own a specialty food and tea store, Cook Shops Here in Northampton, MA. They have published a follow up to their comprehensive The Story of Tea, with their second book on tea:The Tea Enthusiast's Handbook: The Guide to Enjoying the World's Best Tea. In this compact pocket guide, they offer guidance on how to buy premium teas, how to store tea at home, and how to prepare the perfect cup. This is definitely a must for anyone who finds themselves with questions while looking over tea retailers or purchasing in person. It's like having a tea connoisseur in your back pocket! You can find it through their store here.

Be sure to visit with this month's Roots Campaign farmer! Remember, proceeds from your purchases of his tea will go directly to the farmer. You, the customer continue to make this program a great success, and we hope you're gaining some insight on how they go about farming tea.

And, if you're social-media savvy, remember we are on Twitter. We have also launched our official Facebook fan site, so if you're on the popular social medium, please become a fan! You'll be able to be up to date to all things Adagio and get the chance to participate in fun tea trivia and contests!

Yours in tea,