White Tea

At a recent meeting with my friends, tea was served along with coffee. This time White tea was served. We had a discussion about what tea (White, Green, Oolong or Black) was healthier. I simply said they are all healthy but the Black tea just had more caffeine in it than the others. They claimed they were right! What is the answer so I'm prepared for next month's meeting.

Looking forward,

Dear Judy,

I actually had a similar experience recently!

Yesterday I stopped for lunch with a few friends after a workout at the gym, among them was Tea Leone. She was boasting about the fact that she can bench almost three times her body weight. An avid swimmer myself, I told my friends about the time that I did the backstroke across English Channel. Our friends then posed the question, "which Tea is healthier?" So we put ourselves to the test.


In short, I capitulated. Tea proves that Hollywood isn't just about pretty faces.

In terms of tea leaves, though, the story is different.

Due to the fact that ALL teas come from the same plant (good ol' Camellia Sinensis), all have the same basic chemical composition. This means that, while slight differences may occur due to processing, all teas have very similar health benefits. Therefore, there is no one tea that is significantly better health-wise.

The real key is to find one that fits your individual tastes. Doctors recommend 3-4 cups daily to attain full benefits!

Mr. Tea
Part of a good diet