All Hallow's TEAve

Take pumpkin carving to a new level this year.
Take pumpkin carving to a new level this year.
Dress up your sugar skulls with edible decor!
Dress up your sugar skulls with edible decor!
Keep your poison-AHEM-tea super warm.
Keep your poison-AHEM-tea super warm.

Are you still looking for more ways to include tea in your Halloween celebrations this year? Keep wondering - we'll keep churning out ideas!

The coolest thing we've seen this year is skull-shaped sugar cubes. The concept of sugar skulls goes back to the Dia de los Muertos celebrations in Mexico, and we're seeing more and more of the designs in everyday life. What better way to enjoy your tea this Halloween than with a teaspoon of sugar in the shape of a skull? We've also seen some amazing tea cozies worthy of your favorite teapot, and a teapot you can make from scratch!

Two Skulls, Please...
Please note that if it's humid out, these things may never dry - this isn't a rainy day activity!

You'll need:
  • Skull molds (skull ice trays can work, but Mexican specialty stores online have molds)
  • 4 cups White granulated sugar
  • 4 tsp. Merengue Powder (tales are told that egg whites can be substituted - let us know how it works if you try it!)
  • 10 tsp. Water
  • optional: food coloring
    1. Mix the dry ingredients, then add water (and food dye if you're going for colored skulls). Mix well by hand (yup, you're going to get your hands dirty!). If it's not sticking, you can add up to 2 more tsp of water. You'll know the consistency is right because the mixture will hold its shape, like the perfect sand for making a castle.
    2. Pack the mixture into your molds, and leave them overnight to dry. The next day, you should be able to flip your mold and gently remove your sweet new skulls.
    3. Serve it up with some honeybush pumpkin chai to make a halloween treat that's appropriate for any age.

    Which Craft?
    Do you knit or crochet? There are endless Halloween crafts out there that can definitely be finished in time for Halloween. What about a pumpkin or skull tea cosy? We found just the thing in our web travels: a poison-themed cosy by Vanessa Carter at theanticraft.

    Pumpkin ParTEA
    Were those projects a bit much? We have one last idea that's as easy as carving a pumpkin - and more useful to boot! Make your own pumpkin teapot to brew up our pumpkin spice black tea (courtesy of Bonnie at www.thirstyfortea.com.

    You'll need:
  • Tea Infuser
  • Olive Oil Cruet top (the spout from an oil and vinegar set)
  • Pumpkin (4-5 lb should work well)
  • Carving tools
  • Marker
    1. Using your infuser and marker to gauge the size, carve a circular hole in the top of the pumpkin. Save the top to act as a teapot lid, and scoop out the insides of the pumpkin.
    2. Using your cruet spout and marker, make another hole a few inches down from the center hole on one side of the pumpkin. Don't make it too low, or the tea will pour before you're ready.
    3. Insert the spout into the smaller hole and ensure it's flush with the pumpkin and that it fits snugly to prevent spilling.
    4. Place the infuser in the center hole. Add tea, hot water, and replace the top. Let it brew, and you're ready to go!
    5. Optional: Use a few small pumpkins to make pumpkin teacups

    We hope one of these ideas piques your interest, and that they'll keep you entertained through the rest of October. Share your own Halloween crafts below - and have fun!

    Photo credits to www.thirstyfortea.com and www.theanticraft.com - thank you!