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Monthly Musings, February 2009

Teacup from
Teacup from

Hello Tea Sweethearts!

The first thing I heard on the news today was that Mr. Groundhog saw his shadow- meaning that we are in for yet another six weeks of winter. Not a problem, if you're a tea drinker! Cozy up to a full pot of your favorite tea to beat away your winter chills.

It's hard to imagine that we just introduced this to our site only a year ago, but our Signature Blends feature is one year old this month! A big thanks to everyone for making it such a success. We are really happy that we are able to offer this- a lot of customers have come up with such creative blends- not only in the ingredients used and different flavor combinations, but the various artwork and inspiration we've seen through the year is really something!

We also have a new feature on the site to go along with our Signature Blends- Adagio TeaV. This weekly video podcast is hosted by Bottles, Brews, and Blends host Zach Luye, who will review a different Signature Blend each week. You can find the podcast on our Blend launch site. You can also subscribe to it on iTunes, so you're sure not to miss an episode!

February also brings us a holiday that is either loved or loathed- Valentine's Day! In the spirit of gift giving for this sweet holiday, we suggest checking out our popular Valentine's tea. Also if you're needing a unique gift, might we suggest...making a Signature Blend? We have a couple of new features on the blending site that will allow you to choose the way your label is printed out, as well as a privacy feature that will not post your blend to the site; perfect if you want to make it extra special and include a picture of you and your honey on the label.

Looking for other interesting gift ideas for the tea lover in your life? If they have a sweet tooth, you might want to check our Cary's of Oregon's tea toffees. They have two flavors, Dark Chocolate Mango Tea Toffee and Milk Chocolate Chai Tea Toffee. If your sweetie enjoys the finer things in life, you might want to splurge on this fantastic gift set we came across on This adorable tea service for two is non-fussy and modern , with a touch of darling- my heart would melt if I could drink my tea out of these beautiful tea cups!

Hope you all stay warm!

Yours in tea,