I got that feeling my sweet Darjeeling

Dear Mr. Tea,

I'm a girl. I love tea. I love to sing. How do I learn more about tea songs?

Looking forward to it,
Brooklyn, NY

Dear She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named,

Funny you should mention it! I'm currently in the post-production stages of my new CD: The White (tea) Album: Mr. Tea Sings His Greatest Hits, featuring such classics as "Chamomile Fields Forever," "Oversteep Blues" and the immortal "It's Been Too Long, My Oolong." ...It's a concept album.


Actually, the marriage of tea and music dates back to 19th century England, when London's Pleasure Gardens began to host tea dances or "the dansant" (because everything sounds better in French, right?). These light-hearted events whiled away the tea hour with subdued music and dancing.

This craze quickly became infused into the multi-faceted American culture as well. Shortly after word reached US shores, American hotels began hosting Tea Tangoes, a variation of the traditional tea dance with latin-influenced music. They provided the perfect place for the new working woman to meet men. The editor of Vogue magazine once fired a large number of female secretarial workers for "wasting their time" at such tea dances. Luckily, we've progressed as a society, in that we're much more tolerant of tea as a pastime.

To answer your question, Brookleena, there are many tea songs coming out daily and it is always a thrill to discover a new one. Click here for one of our new favorites.

Your Tea Tango Champion,
Mr. Tea
(Cha cha cha)