Monthly Musings: January 2010

Charles Cain
Charles Cain

Happy New Year, Tea Lovers!

Happy New Year! Hope everyone is nursing their hangovers with a lovely cup of tea (I know I am!). If imbibing wasn't in your plans last night, I hope you're enjoying a cup of tea, too. A good cup of tea is a great way to ring in the new year! It doesn't seem like so much time has passed, but to think that Adagio Teas was just a fledgling company at the beginning of the previous decade- look how far we've come! And as another decade approaches, we hope that you'll continue to enjoy our teas and we look so forward what the next ten years will bring!

This year ahead of us already holds some interesting new products and new looks. We will be changing to newer packaging in the beginning part of 2010- keep an eye out for that! Also, our infamously-out-of-stock tea cookies and tea chocolates will be ready to be shipped in the upcoming months. We hope to spread lots of sweet stuff in 2010!

One HUGE piece of news for us here at Adagio Teas is our plans to open a retail location. Yes, you heard it here folks- come 2010, we will have a physical location in the Chicago area for you all to come 'visit' our teas in person, as well as blend and purchase your favorite teas! Follow our retail guru, Charles Cain (who has had over 5 years experience with Tea Gschwender) as he blogs about this journey on TeaRetailer.com. It's a great read if you're interested in owning your own tea establishment as well; this blog is documenting the baby-steps in this daunting process. Charles will also be seeking feedback from readers as well as offer useful tips and facts about tea.

In 2009, we introduce tea enthusiast Zack Luye and Adagio TeaV. Be sure to catch this week's special episode which will recap our favorite Signature Blends and winners of our first ever Signature Blends Award Show! See if a blend you've enjoyed or created will be honored!

With another year, there is always the dreaded thought of making resolutions. Dreadful, because when you think about the year that just passed, you realize...hey...I didn't really...keep...that..resolution...Well, don't fret, we're all human! Many people are evaluating their lifestyles, we should all aim to live healthier lives. Tea is one of the healthiest drinks for you on this planet, and there are so many simple ways to incorporate tea into your current lifestyle in many different aspects. Check out contributing writer, Tiffany Picard's article which will detail some easy ways that tea can assist with your New Year's resolutions.

And lastly, if you pledge to be more of a conscientious consumer this year, please check out our latest Roots Campaign. Each month we feature a different tea farmer from tea growing regions throughout the world. Ten percent of the purchase of their unique tea or herb will go directly to the farmer to assist them with their farming and personal lives. You can visit this month's farmer, Yao Fu Yun, who grows Dragonwell tea in Hangzhou, China. Be sure to read his interview and learn about his day to day activities and how this particular tea is grown.

Wishing everyone a tea-filled 2010!