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Tea Photography: Tea Cup From Hilda

Tea Cup From Hilda
Tea Cup From Hilda

One summer, my 85 year old great grandmother came to stay with us. Just before we all went to bed, my dad heard an "Oop!" and a crash from the family room, where Great Grandma Hilda was staying, on the pull-out sofa bed. He ran in and found her in the corner giggling uncontrollably - she had fallen over the coffee table backwards and all he could see of her was her feet sticking up. She was fine - in her fall she had broken nothing but the teacup. The one in this picture is a tea cup she bought my mother to replace the broken one - and it always reminds me of her giggling.

Marcy photographs are mostly of things botanical or inanimate objects. She love high-contrast lighting, both in B&W and color photos. Marcy rarely work with a flash, as sunlight is her favorite source of lighting.