Solo Serenity with Tea

Finding a Relaxing Moment
Finding a Relaxing Moment

Sometimes, alone time is the only answer to the swirl around you. Whether you’re the CEO or the entry-level clerk, it takes a lot of focus, attention, and energy to do your job well. And, because you take pride in your work, you’re probably giving 125% of your energy, so taking a few minutes with your favorite tea will go a long way to replenishing the energy you need to continue at the top of your game.

If your job means driving from client to client, or constant texts and calls, you need to pull over (literally) and stop for a cup of tea. For you parents, nap time should be scheduled into every day, not just to give your kids a rest, but to give you time to do nothing at all except savor a cup of tea and calm body and mind so that your kids can get the attention they need.

So, are we all agreed that you need Solo Serenity with Tea? Great!

Here’s a list of some ways to incorporate this much-needed balm into your daily life:

• Put yourself first. What a concept, right? We’re talking about only 10 to 15 minutes all to yourself, so this is hardly a selfish act. It is an investment in your mental health that will enhance your friendships and nurture familial relationships. You deserve it.

• Choose a down time when obligations are not intense. You can always find 10 to 15 minutes in any day to claim for yourself, so grab ‘em!

• Turn off all the electronics completely or at the very least, turn off the volume.

• Walk away. If you can go to another room or outside the office or home, do it. (Gardens or patios or rooftops are ideal spots, but even being the only person in the employee lounge is a treat.)

• Select the prettiest cup in your collection, the most exotic tea brewing vessel you own, the one mug that means the most, and use it only for this solo experience. The pleasure of the memories associated with it will enhance the entire tea-drinking experience, so select solely the cup on the basis of what will please and satisfy you this very moment. For a simple cup-and-infuser method, check out our many options !

• Choose the best tea in the cupboard. No saving it for special occasions. Long for that single-estate Darjeeling? Want that mango-infused Ceylon? Interested in something new? Today is the day because the ultimate special occasion is Solo Serenity with Tea. You deserve it!

Pay attention to the brewing like you are doing it for the first time. Measure the water, measure the tea, time the brewing by the clock, strain and serve slowly and with care. Use our IngenuiTEA for the easiest solo prep.

• Now that you’re ready to savor your tea, Do Not read, doodle, write a letter. Do Nothing but sip your tea: Inhale the fragrance as the tea brews; taste the flavor in your mouth, feel its warmth filling up your body as the silence fills up your mind.

• If you like, do a meditation, especially a breathing meditation like the 4-4-8. Draw in a breath for the count of 4, hold the breath for the count of 4, release the breath as slowly as you can for 8 counts. Repeat twice more, no longer.

• Refresh your cup if you like. Continue to savor it, and the quiet around you.

• Slowly rinse your cup and put away your tea prep equipage.

• If you’re so inclined, offer up a thank you to the tea farmer and his laborers for bringing the pleasures of tea drinking to your home or office.

• Do this again tomorrow. Remember, You Deserve It.