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Depressing problem on our hands

Dear Mr. Tea,

Is regular Lipton tea known to have a mood enhancement or antidepressant effect?

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Dear General Foods,

Around here, we've got a habit of making fun of Lipton tea. You can see why — I've been drinking proper tea since I was a little teabag myself — chalk it up to being born into a family that knows gourmet beverages. In comparison to, say, Adagio's Yunnan Gold, Lipton is definitely going to lose out in the deal. On its own merits, Lipton does have advantages — it's cheap, it's easy-to-find, and it's cheap. And personally, I'd rather people be drinking tea than, say, coffee.


But does Lipton have anti-depressant effects? Tea itself doesn't have any antidepressant effects, although it does carry a host of health benefits that can boost your mood — it can increase bone strength, fight cholesterol, and aid weight loss. Lipton specifically? I can tell you anecdotally that if you put a cup in front of me, it's going to have quite the opposite effect — I'm going to get depressed.

Mr. Tea
Yours in teabag avoidance