Past Relationships

Dear Mr. Tea,

Just curious... is there a Mrs. Tea?

Your devoted fan,
Alameda, CA

Dear Lala,

You're not fooling me, Mother, I know it's you. You've been pressuring me to marry for years!


Just kidding, Lala. Actually, back when I was young and foolish, I did used to have a Mrs. Tea. There was always something that didn't sit right about her, though... maybe because she made such a lousy cup of tea (she only made tea with teabags). Well, she grew old and stopped working (far before her time, I used to say), so I threw her out. After that I became a lot more... well... loose with my tastes, and discovered there was a whole world out there.

Now that I think about it, I remember seeing her a year or so ago in the classified section of some less-than-reputable newspaper or magazine. Once I even saw a picture of her on the internet (boy, did that bring back bad memories)! You know what they say — "early in your career, you're bound to make mistakes." Well yes, the Mrs. Tea Experience was a time in my life I'd rather forget about.

Well, we've all bought a bad electric teamaker once in our lives, haven't we? I know I'll never buy from someone named "Mr. Coffee" again (who names themselves after a silly beverage anyway?).

Luckily, now I've found the triniTEA (loose tea teamaker) and my life feels, well, complete. Honestly, I've never been happier. I urge you to make this discovery for yourself, Lala. And, being that it is the holiday season, now's the time to make the change, wouldn't you say?

A convert for the better tea movement,
Mr. Tea
Merry Christmas, Mother!