Shipping to Canada

I just saw your teapot on HGTV, kudos! Can you ship it to Canada?

Montreal, Quebec

Dear Mr. Montreal,

I was wondering where my teapot went! It's been missing for a few days now. Hmmmmm... ever since that one day...

It was early in the morning when my doorbell rang. Okay, noon, but I hadn't even had my cup of Keemun yet. I groggily stumbled down the hall and opened the door. I was greeted by a professional-looking young woman (who I assume was from the television company you mentioned) muttering something about "appointment" and "represent" and "talk about... your TeaMuse column... Tea."

"Talk about tea, yeah," I somnolently spoke and invited her in. While I cannot recall most of the conversation, it seemed pleasant enough. In retrospect, she probably took my teapot when I had my back turned to find a copy of my newest book to show her. Well, that's the last time I invite media into my house!

To answer your query, Adagio Teas is a tea company without borders, shipping to Canada and many international locations. Unfortunately, as my particular teapot is still at large, I cannot ship it to Canada.

As an endnote, I was once mistaken for a Canadian due to my good sense of humor. Hope you can understand my dilemma and find your own teapot on!

Off to find the address for this television company,
Mr. Tea
Friend of Canadians