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Monthly Musings October 2008

'Allo Tea Lovers,

graviTEA Water Pitcher
graviTEA Water Pitcher
Adagio Teas Chest
Adagio Teas Chest

It is officially fall and I could not be more excited! I can say safely, fall is my favorite season. The weather isn't too cold, but crisp and cool enough to bundle up in a favorite blanket or sweatshirt, with a piping hot cup of tea. Come now, everyone join me in this relaxing visual. Ok.

To add some more flavor to your already full tea cupboard, Adagio has released a slew of new flavors in the past couple of weeks. Enjoy a quirky favorite in Rhubarb Green, a sweet tasty green tea. I've only had rhubarb in the form of pie, so any tea that reminds me of pie is pretty good in my book! Try out something unexpected in White Cucumber. This interesting flavor was at first met with quizzical looks by our resident guinea-pig (aka me). But several cups later- both hot or ice- it became an instant winner. A cup of this tea will make you feel centered and calm- cool as a cucumber.

We also have two types of hazelnut flavors to enchant you with: our Hazelnut Black Flavored tea and our Honeybush Hazelnut. Both pair well with seasonal treats like apple pie, and you can enjoy the sweet flavor of hazelnut if you're looking to wake up in the morning, or fall asleep soundly at night.

If cooler weather isn't your thing, and you're missing the hot rays of sunshine, try out our exotic Guanabana or our first flavored premium tea, our Coconut Pouchong. These flavors will take you back to warmer days, beaches, and fruity drink with umbrellas.

The holidays are approaching as well, and one would think it's already Christmas around here at Adagio HQ! We expect some great things for you this month! We will be restocked in many of our popular Chinese and Japanese teas (thank you for your patience!). Also, at the end of the month, we are launching three new products: our graviTEA water filtration pitcher (check out our article by Diana Rosen on the importance of good water in tea preparation!), the Concert Teapot, and our wooden Adagio Teas Teabag tea chest, a handsome way to display your Adagio Teabags or start a teabag collection. These items will be available by the end of the month.

With all these new items... it might help to update your