Picking the best iced teas

Dear Mr. Tea,

I love white tea hot, but I really don't like it cold. What is the best tea for making iced tea?

Trying to Avoid Heatstroke

Dear Heatstroke,

Any tea can taste good iced, but of course nothing is for everybody. So if iced white tea isn't your thing, there are dozens of varieties to try!


Fruit-flavored teas are always very popular to put on ice, and I've always found that a nice mango rooibos hits the spot on a warm summer day. Many people find a lot of luck with iced green tea, and I can personally vouch for the pleasures of a cool gunpowder. Assam Harmony ices well also. Personally I don't like to cool down the fruit herbals, but that's just me. As we all know, the way to make iced tea is to brew it twice as strong — use double the amount of tea but for the same amount of time — then add cold water or ice, and enjoy. Occasionally iced teas will get a little cloudy — it's the nature of the beast and won't affect the taste at all — but if you add a little powdered vitamin C, that'll take care of that right away (and will fight illness!)

If you're too pressed for time, of course, Adagio's Anteadote line is quite fine, if I do say so myself. You might want to try the anTEAdote white — don't write off iced white tea until you've had it!

Mr. Tea
Trying to Keep Cool