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Monthly Musings: April 2009

varieTEA Starter Set
varieTEA Starter Set

Hi Tea Lovers!

Is it possible? Has Spring arrived? Some of you readers might still be experiencing the biting end of the winter, and has it been a long winter! As much as a warm cup of tea can sooth the soul on a chilly day, I am ready for the end of cooler days, and the start of warmer, sun-filled days. As I write this, the late evening sun is coming through my windows and it is great!

As much as I am a child of Spring, one fault of the season are the days filled with puffy eyes, itchiness, sneezing, sore throats, and sinus headaches = allergy season. It is a big downside to the weather, as I'm sure many of you can empathize. Though I do medicate to alleviate the symptoms, I do of course enjoy a lot of tea alongside. There aren't any teas that will completely cure you of allergies (though some studies have shown that a property in green tea can help block a cell receptor responsible for allergic reactions) but they can be of comfort during episodes. I find that Rooibos and Honeybush can have anti-inflammatory properties, and as they are herbal teas they won't keep you up and you can get the necessary rest to get through the season.

April also brings the annual New York Coffee and Tea Festival. It is a great show that is unique in that it is open to both the general public as well as trade. In the past two years the show has really grown and features plenty of different tea, coffee, and gourmet food vendors. The show is April 18-19th; more information can be found here.

Spring, the Easter holiday, and warmer weather in general brings to mind pretty dresses. How does one pair tea and dresses together other than getting spiffy for a spot of afternoon tea? Designer Asheigh Evans utilized used teabags (she collected them by recruiting her parents to drink as much as tea as the possibly could!) to make a beautiful piece of art, which shows that you can incorporate tea into anything! Take a look at her craft here.

For April we are offering a special varieTEA Starter Set, that will come with our popular ingenuiTEA 16oz teapot, and an eight-pack sampler, unique from our other starter sets in that it includes a variety of teas to try out. Many of our customers have requested that we put together such a set, in order to try out a wider range of our teas, so your wish is our command! Look out for it on our website this month!

Yours in tea,