Microsoft Kava

I just heard of an Indian tea called Kava. This was from a very good conversation with a technical support agent from Micro Soft. I told her I loved tea and she asked if I tried Kava and that it was very good.

I have only heard of Kava (the medicinal herb). Can you shed some light on the Kava that she referred to as a tea?

Looking forward to your response,

Wilmington, DE

Hey Delaware Bob,

Wow! I've always been impressed with Microsoft's exceedingly high quality software, but now am thoroughly amazed at their level of training! Not only do they hire the top computer experts that America has to offer, but then they seemingly send these hard-working patriots to India to make them savvy about the local teas, too. Well, bravo, Mr. Gates, bravo!


The tea that your friendly young lady was probably referring to is a drink specific to the Kashmir region of India, called Kahva. Also known as "Kehvi" or "Mogil Chai," this concoction combines tea leaves with almonds, cardamom seeds, cinnamon stalks, and ample amounts of sugar. Unlike Masala Chai (the "Chai" that most Americans are familiar with), Kahva is almost always made with green tea and served without milk. If you get a chance to try an authentic Kahva, it is definitely recommended. And tell them Mr. Tea sent you, you might get a discount.

Now, this is completely distinct from the herb named Kava. However, this herb can also be made into a tea. In fact, Kava tea has long been used in South Pacific cultural and religious ceremonies, due to the mild sense of euphoria that it can create. Kava (the herb) has been known to be a fairly powerful sedative, and the tea is usually even more potent than the herbal form. Therefore, Kava tea is also recommended, but for different reasons (to help you unwind). As a general warning, though, Kava tea can affect the body in ways similar to alcohol, so don't try to operate any heavy machinery or try fixing your own computer (unless it's with Microsoft, that is).

Yours Truly,
Mr. Tea
Light Shedder (with the help of MS Office)