Einstein's Drink of Choice

The year 2005 has been declared the "World Year of Physics". I was wondering if you know whether Einstein was a coffee or tea drinker?

Curious from Canada,

Dear Sarah,

Let me tell you that unlike many aspects of Einstein's life, there is no mystery about this fact. Einstein drank both coffee and tea... even once simultaneously.


"Disgusting," you shriek. Surely someone smart enough to unravel the mysteries of the atom, understand the profound and complex laws of the universe, and unite space and time into a new view of reality, could not have been foolish enough to combine these beverages.

Well, I, Mr. Tea, actually saw him do it. And I can tell you that is was even more odd than it first sounds.

You see Einstein, always a jokester, set up a Schrodinger's cat-like experiment where he placed a cup of joe and a cup of first flush darjeeling in a box. He then asked Mr. Tea to help him fool the universe. When no one was looking, he loudly proclaimed that he will flip a coin, and consume the corresponding drink. The coin was flipped and the beverage was quaffed.

But at the same time that old jocular Al was using his redirection on the universe, Mr. Tea snuck a peak at the coin, and the story tells itself.

As you can imagine, the universe was quite upset about me getting a 'peek' under it's space-time fabric and has since vowed never to fall for that trick ever again. So in short, kids, don't try this at home.

Quantum Physics Hobbyist,
Mr. Tea