Monthly Musings April 2008

Hi Tea Drinkers!

Even though I am freezing as I write this, Spring has officially arrived! Springtime holds a special place in many a tea-lover's heart as it promises the newest harvest of many of our favorite teas. Samples are slowly trickling in from our suppliers, and many cuppings will soon be made to taste what this season holds in store for us. It's always exciting to receive a package from overseas that contains a supplier's best teas of the crop! New teas also means that our stock will be replenished, so those who have been waiting patiently for teas that have been sold out will be rewarded greatly in the upcoming months. Keep an eye out for them!

Cupping Teas
Cupping Teas

Other than new teas, Spring also promises warmer weather. Even if you are living somewhere that hasn't quite exactly warmed up yet- we've thought ahead and are featuring an Iced Tea Primer of sorts in this month's TeaMuse. I hope it helps in creating some refreshing, delicious concoctions!

That's it for now; lets all wish that it doesn't rain too much this month. This is where I would insert a witty prank of sorts, in honor of April Fool's Day, but alas- tea pranks? I could joke and say that we were discontinuing our Earl Grey Bravo, but I know that it would break too many hearts! I hope everyone has a good laugh at something today; be sure to make up with your prankster over a nice cup of tea!

Yours in tea,