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Upset stomach at an Indian restaurant

Dear Mr. Tea,

I once experienced an upset stomach after over-eating at an Indian buffet. A sensitive waiter brought me some tea that was not on the restaurant's menu. It was extremely potent and my stomach felt better almost immediately. I was wondering what type of tea this could have been.


Dear Brad,

Thanks for your note. Ah, the Indian Buffet, Source of such joy, then later such pain. India produces so many different types of tea, so the chances of me identifying the exact tea of which you speak would be quite a feat. What I can do is give you some simple recommendations for teas that will help settle the stomach.


Mint teas work very well to ease the pain. Try a peppermint or spearmint tea for a simple and delicious home remedy. Chai (the kinds that have fennel as an ingredient), Ginger and Chamomile have all been credited with stomach-settling abilities. There are some people who say just about any type of tea will do it, but the before mentioned suggestions should do the trick.

But the best advice I can give you, Brad, is to either:

1) Find a phonebook and call around if you need to know the exact brew (how many Indian restaurants did that city have anyway?)
2) When you return to dine again at an Indian Buffet, use one really small plate, and refill once. You don't have to finish if you feel full!

Namaste, Mr. Tea