Being and Time

I saw your teapot recently featured in TIME Magazine. Just wondering how you came up with the idea for it.

Your biggest fan,

Dear Big Vaughn,

I'm glad to see the ingenuiTEA is getting some attention, I just wish it could've been a more widely read publication. I mean, who's heard of "TIME" magazine? And why would a journal about clocks and watches want to do a story about a teapot? If we could only get it into a reputable newsletter, like TeaMuse, THEN I'd give our Marketing Dept a raise!


Anyway, the origin of the ingenuiTEA is a rather extraordinary story.

When our founding fathers first began to lay the foundation of what would become Adagio Teas, they knew they needed a true innovator to help them discover the teapot that they'd base their empire around. They called upon a bright young scholar, whose sharp mind was only surpassed by his great looks. His name, of course, was Mr. Tea.

For many long months I meditated on the failures of French presses and shortcomings of teaballs. Finally, one day while sitting under the Assam Tea Tree, the answer fell on me like gravity: Gravity. Instead of messy balls and hard-to-use presses, simply put the filter on the bottom of the teapot and let gravity do the work. Thus, I planted the seed for the first ingenuiTEA.

After searching the globe for the perfect place to manufacture these ingenious teapots (and spread enlightenment to tea lovers everywhere), I came upon the perfect location: Taiwan. After all, if anyone knows how to build teapots, it's the Taiwanese.

Thanks for the question.

Yours truly,
Mr. Tea
Just an ordinary guy