Review: Meaning of the Boulder-Dushanbe Teahouse

Sep '12

By Samantha Cappuccino-Williams

The Dushanbe Tea House is no stranger to TeaMuse. Back in 2001, Martha Bowes profiled this architectural wonder of Boulder, Colorado, and in 2009 Christine Rillo visited and enjoyed the tea and atmosphere herself. But Adagio employees aren't the only people who are inspired and delighted by this teahouse. writer George Peknik was so inspired, he wrote a book about the teahouse in 2004. Similar to the story Peknik had heard about a fluttering mosque that had been magically transported by Allah from Bahla, Oman, to a nearby city, the Dushanbe Teahouse was transported from Dushanbe,... Read more >

New Year's Teas

Dec '11

By Samantha Cappuccino-Williams

Happy New Year, Tea Lovers! With so many holiday parties coming up this month I already know that by New Year's Eve, spending another night with a cocktail in hand won't sound too appealing to me. Many good hosts I know simply won't let their guests be empty handed at their party, however, so I thought this year I'd decline ringing in my New Year with anything from a bottle and switch to something from a pot: a teapot, of course. While this might seem strange considering the American tradition of consuming copious amounts of champagne on New Year's Eve, drinking New Year tea is not a new idea.... Read more >

Book Review: A Tea Reader:...

Nov '11

By Samantha Cappuccino-Williams

Book Review: A Tea Reader: Living Life One Cup at a Time By Samantha Cappuccino-Williams A Tea Reader: Living Life One Cup at a Time Katrina Ávila Munichiello Tuttle Publishing If ever there was a perfect pairing, it's tea and reading. What tea lover doesn't adore steeping a cup of their favorite leaf and enjoying it with a favorite book? Both tea and books can elicit strong memories, feelings, and emotions, so it's no wonder they complement each other so well. And if you love and are inspired by both, what better subject would there be to read about while drinking tea than other tea... Read more >

Flavors of Fall

Oct '11

By Samantha Cappuccino-Williams

Finally, it's autumn! Here in the Northeast, that means cool, crisp air, the changing of the leaves from bright green to beautiful red, orange, and yellow, and--my personal favorite--a switch from the cold tea of hot weather to the hot tea of cold weather. But more than the welcome return of hot tea is the welcome change of the flavors of my daily teas. My summer tea flavors are typically mild, refreshing, and light. Ceylon Sonata (for a traditional iced tea). Peppermint. Apricot. Cucumber. White Peony. They're all wonderful, but after months of rotating through these straight-forward flavors--mostly... Read more >

Back To School: Tea Education

Sep '11

By Samantha Cappuccino-Williams

'Tis the season for back-to-school! While many people have been waiting for this all summer so they can get a break from their kids, others are eager to get back to learning themselves. But you don't have to wait until September or be enrolled in a traditional school to achieve such self-improvement, especially when it comes to tea. The popularity of tea has been increasing rapidly in the United States, and an increased taste for, well, anything, is commonly coupled by a desire to learn more about it. Thanks to the Internet, it has never been easier to expand your knowledge about your favorite... Read more >

Showing Children the Way to Tea

Jul '11

By Samantha Cappuccino-Williams

Before my daughter, Penelope, was even born, she had a tea party set. Two, actually, courtesy of my brother and best friend. They assumed that as a tea lover I would want to share my passion with my daughter, and they were right. I think tea parties lay a great tea foundation on which kids can build the knowledge of how to properly prepare, appreciate, and share tea. Not only are they a creative outlet for a child's imagination, but they introduce some of the basics of good tea preparation (not to mention some manners and etiquette). Somewhere between a child's first tea party and their first... Read more >