Alice in Camellialand: Part Two

By Shane L. Braverman

(This is Part 2 of a two-part series.
Check out Part 1 here!)

Welcome back, my fellow Camellialand ambassadors!

Last I checked, your "Alices" had jumped anxiously down the rabbit hole and were beginning to tentatively enjoy themselves at the (hopefully not-too-intimidating) tea party. Chewy, grassy, they're learning that it doesn't matter!

As your own "Alice" relaxes and begins to enjoy her tea, her anxiety level over knowing how to enjoy the tea will lower. It is at this point that her curiosity will start to emerge unhindered. She begins to realize that there is... Read more >

Yoga Break 2: Formosa Oolong & The Downward Dog

By Natasha Nesic

For today's Yoga Break, we're getting down and doggy with it.*

Downward Dog, aka Adho Mukha Svanasana is an excellent breaktime pose. First, it loosens up your shoulders. Then, that nice rush of blood flowing to your head provides stress relief.

Chances are if you're reading this, then your head is craning forward, your chin is tucked, and all that resulting jaw tension is pulling your pecs in and causing your shoulders to hunch forward like Severus Snape. (Yes, the image is necessary.) By pressing back into Downward Dog, it takes the shoulders into retraction, lifting... Read more >

Sweet Treats & Tea: Tips for a Pairing Party

By Samantha Albala

Temperatures are rising and birds are chirping. It's an ideal time to enjoy an outdoor gathering with friends and loved ones. Planning a tea and dessert pairing party is a great way to engage one's creative side, and to discover how talented friends and family are at detecting the flavor profiles of a variety of teas. Plus, it is a great excuse to sample many tasty treats.

Traditionally, a full afternoon tea would be served on relaxing sofas around a coffee table with sweets as a break from the day to bring blood sugar and energy back up. Using this tradition as inspiration for a party... Read more >

Alice in Camellialand: Advice For Tea Ambassadors

By Shane L. Braverman

(Part 1)

We've all been there before. One or more of your friends has asked you to take them out for tea.

"I know how much you love tea. Will you take me out sometime so I can have good tea and learn more about it?" But where do you start? Do you begin with your latest and greatest favorite tea (currently mine is Zhang Ping Shui Xian!), or do you ease them into this amazing world of flavor and aroma with something very well-known like a Ti Kuan Yin?

I'm not a tea expert, but some of my friends treat me as if I were, because I have a small obsession (lifestyle choice)... Read more >

Baking With Tea

By Diana Rosen

Tea is a superb ingredient to add to your favorite baked good recipes.

Want to garnish a cake with a sweet cream? Add a little brewed black or flavored black tea for a umami edge.

Icings beg for a taste of tea. Fruity blends or fragrant tisanes like hibiscus or mild chamomile are wonderful. Use crushed tea leaves (or dustings from a tea bag) and savor the flavor.

Flavor butters, creams or other fats with your favorite teas to use with flours in cakes, cupcakes or cookies. The tea adds a mystery of flavor that's both intriguing and delicious--yet never overwhelms.

Substitute... Read more >