Deconstructing the Dehydration Myth

By Natasha Nesic

As we're chugging our pitchers of iced tea, the biggest question of the summer inevitably comes up:

Does tea cause dehydration?

A 2011 study in the United Kingdom came to the conclusion that "black tea, in the amounts studied, offered similar hydration properties to water."

I'll see your study and raise you a grain of salt.

First off, pay attention to "in the amounts studied," and save that in your brain-box. It's going to be very important for the rest of the article--and, if you continue to approach these types of studies with healthy skepticism, for the rest of... Read more >

Carroll's Classic Celebrates Sesqui-Centennial

By Diana Rosen

"There was a table set out
under a tree in front of the house,
and the March Hare and the Hatter
were having tea at it."

This year, 2015, is the 150th anniversary of the publication of "Alice in Wonderland" and tea lovers around are sharing their love of this enduring (and endearing) tale. Like many classic children's books, Alice is more- much more- than it seems. It charms on two levels. For children, it's a phantasmagorically rich story sprinkled with nonsense. And, for adults, it's a droll satire of Victorian manners with a nod to the lack of food safety... Read more >

Beach Brews: A Guide to Mediterranean Tea

By Natasha Nesic

Ah, the Mediterranean.

It's low budget! In Serbia, the dinar-dollar conversion rate is excellent.

It's scenic! Beaches like living frescoes.

And loveliest of all, it's English-speaker-friendly! You may miss the occasional "the" or "a" when chatting with locals, but all is forgiven over a cup of classic Mediterranean tea.

Before the influx of Camellia sinensis in the 1600s, Europe's specialty was herbal drinks. As one might imagine, the development of plant-based medicine during the Roman Empire led to some tasty discoveries that now populate every kafana menu:

Call... Read more >

Troubleshooting Iced Tea

By Natasha Nesic

Welcome summer!

Welcome Vitamin D, photosynthesis, and aviator shades.

And, of course, welcome back iced tea.

But as more and more of us submit to the everyday time crunch, RTD--or "ready-to-drink"--iced tea becomes the go-to solution. Cheap and fast, it's a neat container of caffeine and L-theanine that you can tug around the office, or whichever tight space you're crammed into today.


Yet as time goes by, the joy of convenience starts to taste like nail varnish.

In that case, why not make your own iced tea? That way, you're guaranteed deliciousness. Plus,... Read more >

June is Iced Tea Month: Celebrate with Classics

By Heather Edwards

In the sweltering summer of 1904, hot tea vendors at the St. Louis World's Fair were desperate to sell their brews, but nobody wanted a hot drink on an even hotter day. One clever man (the dispute continues about who it was) poured his tea over ice and, voila!, a classic American tea drink was born.

Today, iced tea is served all year round all over the country in fine restaurants and fast food outlets, in schools, and homes. June is the official "National Ice Tea Month" but we all know that every month is ideal for thirst-quenching iced tea.

Leftover... Read more >