Give the Unexpected This Holiday Season

By Diana Rosen

Gifts for family, friends, colleagues and those who make our lives easier all year long are part of the delight of this holiday season. Naturally, we think Adagio teas are the ideal gift, so we invite you to explore all our wonderful gift items, tea ware and teas. Here are some packaging ideas that are as unique as you are, with a definitive nod to the world of tea.

Reusing other packaging for today's gifts is not only smart recycling it's creative and fun. Clean, clear jars make great containers for home-made lemon curd or jam or sugar infused with a long elegant... Read more >

Want to Visit a Tea Estate? No Need for a Passport

By Diana Rosen

Nothing beats the experience of seeing and smelling the biting freshness of just-plucked tea leaves. Visitors to farms in Japan, China, India, Sri Lanka and other countries all attest to the experience of seeing how teas are grown, plucked and processed as revelatory and life changing.

Most of these trips are a day's travel away, expensive and take several weeks to get the most out of the experience. Fortunately, one can visit tea-growing farms right here in this country. Some farms are still experimental, the yield tiny, the choice of teas limited, but others are remarkable for their innovation... Read more >

Where in the world is Carmen SanTEAego?

By Epiphany Acevedo

When thinking about tea culture, it is easy to limit yourself to envisioning rolling green hills in China, Japan and India. Not only are there many more countries that produce and consume tea, but they all enjoy it very differently! Here's a peek at a few countries' tea cultures that you may not be familiar with.


Sandy beaches, mariachi music, handmade tortillas, and...tea? That's right. While Mexico does not grow tea in the traditional sense, natives were drinking herbal teas hundreds of years before Spanish colonization in the 15th century. These herbal teas... Read more >

This Year, Let's Be Thankful for Tea!

By Heather Edwards

"Thank God for tea!
What would the world do without tea? How did it exist?
I am glad I was not born before tea."

― Rev. Sydney Smith

You don't need to be clergy to be thankful for tea, as Rev. Smith's sentiments ring true even for the most dedicated atheist. This year, and every year, we at Adagio are thankful to YOU for our continued success.

How will you celebrate the gratitude of this holiday?

Table Favors Say Thank You Deliciously

At the holiday table, give each of our guests a little favor, a pretty... Read more >

Trick, Treat, or Tea: a Halloween Tea Party Guide

By Lindsay Jawor

Tea isn't always about pomp and circumstance. One of the most wonderful things about tea is that it fits nicely into any daily routine or holiday celebration. With Halloween upon us in the States, here are some fun ideas to brighten up your witches' tea or monster mash this year.

Halloween Tea Party Treats

Firstly, we must address the topic of pumpkin spice. Pumpkin spice tea is delicious, and you can make your own lattes for pennies on the dollar without leaving the warmth of home. But for those who are not fans, or are just completely pumpkinned-out, there are other great... Read more >