Troubleshooting Iced Tea

By Natasha Nesic

Welcome summer!

Welcome Vitamin D, photosynthesis, and aviator shades.

And, of course, welcome back iced tea.

But as more and more of us submit to the everyday time crunch, RTD--or "ready-to-drink"--iced tea becomes the go-to solution. Cheap and fast, it's a neat container of caffeine and L-theanine that you can tug around the office, or whichever tight space you're crammed into today.


Yet as time goes by, the joy of convenience starts to taste like nail varnish.

In that case, why not make your own iced tea? That way, you're guaranteed deliciousness. Plus,... Read more >

June is Iced Tea Month: Celebrate with Classics

By Heather Edwards

In the sweltering summer of 1904, hot tea vendors at the St. Louis World's Fair were desperate to sell their brews, but nobody wanted a hot drink on an even hotter day. One clever man (the dispute continues about who it was) poured his tea over ice and, voila!, a classic American tea drink was born.

Today, iced tea is served all year round all over the country in fine restaurants and fast food outlets, in schools, and homes. June is the official "National Ice Tea Month" but we all know that every month is ideal for thirst-quenching iced tea.

Leftover... Read more >

Cha Qi: Tea's Most Mysterious Benefit

By Amanda Wilson

Ah, Cha Qi (Cha Chi, 茶氣) a term bandied around tea communities as a way of describing a tea that knocks one's socks clean off, a term that has a lot of confusion around it - a term that when asked what it is, you are met with the phrase "you will know." Well, that is about as helpful as a teapot without a handle, but that is often the way with things that are metaphysical in nature. In the simplest terms, Cha Qi is the life force of the tea. In China there is the concept of Qi, the 'breath' or life force of all things: the earth has Qi, plants have Qi, my cats have Qi, the air has... Read more >

I don't like tea.

By Epiphany Acevedo

I guessed tea tasted alright, though I didn't have much exposure outside of my mom's boiled eucalyptus leaves with honey. She made it when I was sick, and I didn't hate it. During the cold winter months in college I often snuck generic teabags out of the dining hall. I wanted something to keep me warm, and was never much of a coffee drinker. But the dull flavors of my free tea left much to be desired.

Just before my semester of study abroad in Spain, I was passing by a tea shop in the mall when I had an epiphany. Maybe if I paid real money for tea it would actually taste like something.... Read more >

Celebrating Mom with Tea-licious Traditions

By Heather Edwards

Every Mother's Day is an opportunity to celebrate the special women around you who have improved and enriched your life throughout the years. These "influencers" may or may not be related to you, but they're definitely part of the family of special people who have nurtured you. And that's more than enough reason to honor them on Mother's Day.

You might want to consider something more than a gift for the day. How about creating new traditions that honor her and the wonderful relationship you have all year long? Here are a few ideas. Let us know variations that you come up with!

Tea-with-Me:... Read more >