The Real Scandal in Bohemia

By Natasha Nesic

"This is Calcutta. Bohemia is dead," murmurs Benny.

Oh, if only it were true.

This summer has seen the resurrection of "boho chic": overwrought gypsy skirts and peasant tops that should have been buried for good in 2005.

Ten years later, boho brings back the paisley circus tents. But someone must told them to cut it out, so they put in more cutouts. Plus fringe, tassels, and finally meshing it all up before it was released to the hangers, where it has been picked up by fashion's desperate hangers-on.

So what do we do? We write disparaging blog posts and sit... Read more >

Because You Always Wanted A Monocle

By Natasha Nesic

Earl Grey.

A black blend of rusty-sweet, followed by floral afternotes, all under the influence of bergamot's heady scent. Not to mention the way those cornflowers bobble like drunken tutus as it steeps, a small respite from the loneliness of paper-writing or deep space. (Hey there, Captain Picard.)

Yet the real Earl Grey was a slightly different gent from the shy, scholarly stereotype that flocks to his tea.

A member of the Whig party--same as George Washington, FYI--this British Prime Minister's regime saw the end of slavery in Great Britain. A gifted public speaker... Read more >

Fashion Infusion: The Business Tea

By Natasha Nesic

You've done it! You've finally arranged that super important awesome business meeting of a lifetime.

Now for the venue. These days, office space is scarce as rents soar and startups scrape to get their footing. So you'll have to look outside.

Chances are that you'll be meeting between 11am and 4pm, which narrows down your options. A coffee shop won't cut it, especially not if you intend to impress. Neither will any sort of diner or pub; midday meetings don't do well in bar lightning.

A stately tea, however, is just the right touch.

After Googling the heck out... Read more >

You are Cordially Invited to Fashion inFusion

By Natasha Nesic

On behalf of Teamuse and Adagio Teas,

You are cordially invited to

Fashion inFusion

Taking place throughout the month of August 2015.

Tea and fashion go way back.

Consider the Duchess of Bedfordshire, the dame who first made the concept of afternoon tea fashionable. She had initially conceived the idea to ward off what she called that "sinking feeling" at about 4pm, employing the armed forces of bread and butter to battle the doldrums.

These days we call that sinking feeling, "Oh god, how much longer until dinner?" and try to... Read more >

Deconstructing the Dehydration Myth

By Natasha Nesic

As we're chugging our pitchers of iced tea, the biggest question of the summer inevitably comes up:

Does tea cause dehydration?

A 2011 study in the United Kingdom came to the conclusion that "black tea, in the amounts studied, offered similar hydration properties to water."

I'll see your study and raise you a grain of salt.

First off, pay attention to "in the amounts studied," and save that in your brain-box. It's going to be very important for the rest of the article--and, if you continue to approach these types of studies with healthy skepticism, for the rest of... Read more >