Another Perfect Pairing: Tea-Infused Wine

By Missy Sheehan

Tea--considered by many as a beverage meant for breakfast, as an afternoon pick-me-up, or for warming up on cold winter evenings--is no longer a stranger at a bar or cocktail party. Tea-infused spirits have been a hot trend in the mixology world for the past few years, and for good reason: tea can easily be infused into liquors like vodka or rum and used to add an extra nuance of flavor to a variety of unique and tasty cocktails. It's not unheard of for tea to be combined with beer either.

Perhaps not so surprisingly, tea has become a frequent guest at some wineries, too, as a few tea-friendly... Read more >

The Taming of the Tea Cozy

By Natasha Nesic

Much like getting a puppy, the decision to bring a tea cozy into your home is a serious matter that requires careful consideration.

Yes, they're cute and cuddly, but remember that they can also get full of themselves and make a mess.

It's a commitment. You have to be prepared. Consult with all members of the household in order to ensure that everyone is ready and willing to share their home with an unfamiliar occupant.

Tea cozies are very particular creatures. They don't waltz into the home of any tea guzzler with a fancy for argyle.

Cozies hate vulgarity.... Read more >

January Playlist Pairup: Beats to Beat The Blues

By Natasha Nesic

Midwinter Blues. Doldrums. Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Whatever you want to call it, there's a proven link (hey there, pun) between our mood and the sudden drop in sunshine over the course of the season.

Besides, it's cold out.

The ground--if there is one--is soggy.

Every grey day we're reminded that the sun gave up, saying, "Peace out," until spring.

You know what, Mr. Sun? You do that. We'll party without you.

Just check out TeaJay Master Gyoku-Roshi's sweet playlist pair-up.

A Little Light Music

1. The Beatles:... Read more >

Where Will You Go in 2016? Remember to Bring Tea!

By Diana Rosen

No matter where you go in the world, it's always great to settle in, heat up some water and brew a cup of tea. One delight for the tea-loving traveler is to sample tea service at the grand hotels, the charming B&Bs, the traditional tea rooms and the up-to-the-minute trendy tea shops throughout the states, Europe, and tea countries like Sri Lanka, India, China or Japan.

Granted, not everywhere you go is a guarantee of tea service, but that's never a concern when you pack your own version of a Travel Tea Tote. Here's what we'd take: A lightweight brewer or infuser; tea; water filter... Read more >

Perfect Pairings: Tea and Chocolate

By Missy Sheehan

Tea pairs well with many foods, but one of the most heavenly combinations for tea lovers who happen to be chocoholics is, of course, tea and chocolate.

While experimenting with different flavor combinations can yield tasty results, there is something of a science behind knowing which varieties of tea will best complement which types of chocolate. The key is to consider the strength, depth, and subtle notes of the flavors you're pairing. Strong black teas like smoky lapsang souchong, for instance, pair well with darker, more robust chocolates, according to chocolatier Patricia Christopher,... Read more >