Sleep Tied to Memory and Learning

By Diana Rosen

What really happens inside our brains when we sleep? How are learning and memory connected? Can a good night's sleep help both mind and body?

These questions have intrigued scientists for generations, however a new study published in the journal Science may have provided the most specific answers yet to why sleep is important to learning and retention of memory.

Using advanced microscopy to examine the brain, the study uncovered the specific mechanisms of memory. There are connections between brain cells that form while we sleep, and these brain cells (synapses) need rest to retain... Read more >

Adagio World Cup Contest

By David Schloss

Adagio Teas is having a FIFA World Cup Contest. You can win a $20 gift certificate weekly and a $100 gift certificate grand prize.

Entering is simple, post the name of the team you think will win with the hashtag #teamadagio on our Facebook page (, or via Twitter or Instagram.

We'll draw a random winner weekly and they'll receive a $20 Adagio gift certificate for our online store.

When the World Cup is over on July 13th, we'll pick one person that posted the winning tea for a $100 gift certificate.

If you're looking for a good tea... Read more >

June Horoscope For Tea Lovers

By The AstroTwins, Ophira and Tali Edut

Join the chorus! Buzzing Gemini season has arrived, and the Sun visits this chatty sign until June 21. Have you noticed that everywhere you go seems a little noisier lately?

Quicksilver Gemini is ruled by Mercury, planet of communication, so during this time, everyone has an opinion, a witty comeback, or a zillion ideas brewing. It's a great time to stoke your intellectual curiosities, or even to write or teach about what you know. Are you the type that's a little slow to warm up, even shy in social situations? The white tea, peach and apricot in Adagio's Gemini Tea spark your playful... Read more >

Adagio Celebrates 15th Anniversary

By David Schloss

On June 4th, 1999 the very first order was placed from the website, officially launching the company. Today marks the fifteenth anniversary of that very first order and during that time a lot has happened.

When that first order was placed, Adagio had just a single full-time employee and operated out of the family garage. Thanks to the loyalty and passion of our customers we soon outgrew that garage and moved into a large warehouse.

It wasn't long before we outgrew that space as well and then we settled into our current space, a massive warehouse that we've called... Read more >

Diary of a Tea Snob

By Epiphany Acevedo

I press down on the hot water button in the nearly empty office kitchen to get a quick fix before my next meeting when I hear my name being called.

"Epiphany, is this any good?" a coworker asks, holding up a box of tea that bears a brand name I have never seen before. I'm flattered.

You see, I've sort of developed a reputation. In the morning I leave home double fisting my daily 32 ounces: a thermos of hot tea in one hand and a bottle of iced tea in the other. At any given time of day, I can be seen loading spoonfuls of fragrant loose tea into a hand painted ceramic mug... Read more >