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Archive: Tea in Art


Not Your Grandmother's Teapot

by Christine Banks

Newark, New Jersey, probably isn’t the first place you’d think of when it comes to teapots. But the Newark Museum has a large decorative arts collection that includes hundreds of teapots in a variety of styles from the 1600s to the modern era. A featured exhibit is currently showing sixty-six teapots from the collection. more >

Reflections In Tea: An Exhibit

by Christine Banks

Artist Michele Brody incorporates tea into her mixed media installations. Her recent exhibit at the World Tea East expo in Philadelphia brought people together through tea, sharing messages of hope for the Japanese people while also generating donations for the Japanese Red Cross. more >

Tea and Art: Jeff Axelrod

by Christine Rillo

Jeff Axelrod lived a busy life that brought him all over the country to at last, Sausalito, California where he is an artist with an interesting medium- tea. Using tea he brews he paints with a spectrum of colors and creates intricate works of art. more >

Tea in Art: Artist Mithun Jayaram

by Christine Rillo

Mithun Jayaram is an Indian based artist who utilizes used tea leaves collected from his local tearoom. He then goes on to observe the drying process that he subjects his used tea leaves to and creates works of art from dried leaves and other material he recycles. more >

Michelle Brody, Tea Art

by Christine Rillo

Tea to many people is thought of as a communal drink; something to be shared with a loved one at the end of the day, friends during weekly get-togethers,in a group over a special meal, or-with a total stranger. In her project entitled, Tea House Productions, artist Michele Brody aims to share the comfort and ceremony of taking people she meets at her installations. more >

Tea Poem: Kindred Soul

by Emily Seaman
The Poetry of Emily Seaman. A lovely poem about tea and ones she has shared it with. more >

Tea Sculptures: Pourtensious Lighting

by Eric M. Sternfels

Eric M. Sternfels' work springs from a sense that inanimate objects possess their own soul and history. When speaking about the pieces he collects for his work, the artist believes the energy of those that designed or made them, of those that have used and enjoyed them. more >

Tea Photography: Tea Cup From Hilda

by Marcy L. Dewey

Great Grandma Hilda inspires a tea photo. This photograph of a simple teacup captures the soul and spirit of the artist's great grandmother; a wonderful tribute. more >

Tea Paintings: Spring Teapot

by Carol Gillot

An exhibit at the Petrossian Boutique in New York more >

Tea Story: Lady Lavender & the Poison Tea, Part 3

by Mike Bevel

The Third and Final Installment of this thrilling tea-caper is presented here. Find out what happens! more >

Tea Story: Lady Lavender & the Poison Tea, Part 2

by Mike Bevel

Mike Bevel spins a tale of murder, mystery, and who-dun-its with tea as a leading character. Stay tuned for future 'episodes'! more >

Tea Story: Lady Lavender & the Poison Tea, Part 1

by Mike Bevel

Tea as a murder weapon? Find out in this thrilling mystery penned by a tea fan, Mike Bevel. more >

Tea Story: Reading Leaves

by Mike Bevel

Mike Bevel pens a short story on Grandma Laverne's introductory on how to read tea leaves. more >

Tea Poem: Tender and Fragrant

by Unknown
Check out this beautiful Chinese poem which has been translated by Ms. An Yu-bin. more >

Tea Paintings: The Birds

by Nancy Lucas

Nancy Lucas' own morning ritual of brewing and sipping tea while watching the birds at the bluebird houses and feeders had inspired her to try to capture their beauty in watercolor paintings. more >

Tea Poem: Mom's Cup

by Kym Gordon Moore
Kym Gordon Moore writes a simple yet heartwarming poem about her Mother's favorite drink: tea. more >

Tea Poem: No Need for Armor

by Earlene Grey
Earlene Grey writes beautiful poetry about love over tea. more >

Tea Paintings

by Cassatt, Matisse & Pollock

This month's installation of the Art of Tea, we'll do a quick study of the development of art through the interpretation of tea. We'll cover three pieces by great artists from different periods, including Mary Cassatt, Henri Matisse and Jackson Pollock. more >

Tea Song

by DenDee

Dendee rocks out to a self-scribed tea song. Rockin' blues with a little humor thrown in there. more >

Tea Poem: Untitled

by Eitan Codish
The Poetry of Eitan Codish. A simple poem about tea and other simple pleasures and loves in one's life. more >