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Tea and Right Livelihood

by James Norwood Pratt

Baisao, third son of a scholarly physician, was born near Nagasaki in 1675. He entered a Buddhist monastery at age 11 and was almost 50 when his master died and he was asked to take his place as abbot. Declining on grounds it would hinder his religious practice, he left the hypocrisies, large and small, of organized religion to take up the life of a wandering monk. more >

Traveling Teacup: Goldfish Tea Room Royal Oak, MI

by Barbara Gulley

Join Michigan-based tea consultant Barb Gulley as she visits Goldfish Tea, a tea room and store that specializes in Chinese tea imported directly from China. Owned by husband-wife team Jim and Janice Girling, these former coffee drinkers have created an oasis of tea in Southeast Michigan. more >

Traveling Teacup: Williamsburg, VA

by Jason Walker

Join tea blogger Jason Walker for a jaunt into historic Williamsburg, Virginia, where you can find great tea and coffee, as well as historical tidbits and information. Learn a little about what colonial America was drinking during the birth of the Nation. more >

Green Tea for the Fearless Newbie!

by Marlena Amalfitano

New to green teas? Follow Association of Tea Blogger member, Marlena Amalfitano as she explores several of her favorite Adagio Green Teas. Simple hints and suggestions are also included for those new to green tea. Feel free to make a cup of your favorite tea while reading! more >

Traveling Teacup: Boston Park Plaza Hotel, MA

by Katrina Ávila Munichiello

Join ATB (Association of Tea Bloggers) blogger, Katrina Avila Munichiello as she tucks into an elegant tea at the Swans Cafe at the famed Boston Park Plaza Hotel and Towers. Headed by one of the nation's premiere tea sommeliers, Cynthia Gold, tea time here is both very serious and very exquisite. more >

Traveling Teacup: Herons at The Umstead, NC

by A.C. Cargill

A.C. Cargill reviews Herons at the sumptuous Ulmstead Hotel and Spa in Cary, NC. Come read along about her tea time she enjoyed with her husband at this luxurious hotel. more >

The Traveling Teacup: Teapod San Anselmo, CA

by Tiffany Picard

In this brand new Traveling Teacup, Tiffany Picard takes us to Teapod, an organic tea place in San Alsemo, California. Along with her friend, they explore Teapod's many fresh offerings including organic teas, tea lattes, iced teas, and bubble teas. Teapod also offers a tasty sampling of baked goods and savories, and is celebrating their one-year anniversary. more >

Tea With an Accent

by Christine Rillo

A review of Tea With an Accent, a beautiful tea room in Yardley, Pennsylvania. I brought my mother here for a Mother's Day tea, and we had a great time! This year we don't plan on taking tea at a tea room, but instead will be throwing our own tea party. Many ideas from this outing, perhaps you can get some as well for your own festivites! more >

The Teashop Girls: Tea and Youth Lit

by Christine Rillo

A review of the first in a series for young adults, The Teashop Girls by Laura Shafer. The story revolves around a trio of friends and the tea room they work at after school, and the trials and tribulations they face during that very interesting time of their young lives. more >

Traveling Teacup:Samovar Tea Lounge, San Francisco

by Cynthia Fazekas

Come along with our wholesale manager, Cynthia Fazekas as she discovers San Francisco's favorite place for tea, Samovar Tea Lounge. more >

Traveling Teacup: The Teacup Seattle, WA

by Elin Headrick

Explore one of Seattle's favorite tea rooms with writer and tea enthusiast Elin Headrick. Elin Headrick is a writer and graphic designer who also owns the website An avid traveler, she is a regular contributor to TeaMuse's Traveling Teacup Reviews. more >

Tea & Sympathy

by Lindsey 'Vee' Goodwin

Lindsey Goodwin of Vee's Tea's takes us on an expert visit to one of New York City's famed tea institutions, Tea & Sympathy. more >

Traveling Tea Cup, Vancouver, Canada

by Elin Headrick

Tea enthusiast Elin Headrick takes a trip to the Great White North and visits some Canadian tearooms in Canada's west coast metropolitan Vancouver. Find out how our neighbors to the North take their tea! more >

Traveling Tea Cup, Austin, TX

by Lindsey 'Vee' Goodwin

Part Two of Austin Tearooms reviews. Lindsey Goodwin visits Austin, TX for SXSW fest and check's out the city's best tea haunts. more >

Traveling TeaCup, Austin, TX

by Lindsey 'Vee' Goodwin

Part one of a two part look at Austin Tea hotspots! Lindsey Goodwin braves Austin, Texas during the popular South By Southwest fest and gives us the lowdown on the hippest tea joints to check out. more >

Traveling TeaCup, Tea Spot NYC

by Cynthia Fazekas

Adagio's wholesale manager, Cynthia Fazekas takes a break from her busy show schedule to check out a cozy tea spot in Greenwich Village; Tea Spot NYC. more >

Traveling Teacup, Thé Adoré NYC

by Lindsey 'Vee' Goodwin

Lindsey Goodwin visits this eclectic tea room that combines French and Japanese styles in both their tea service and cuisine. The Adore brings a cozy and sophisticated atmosphere and excellent tea to the East Village. more >

Seattle Tearooms

by Elin Headrick

Traveling Teacup explores more Seattle Tearooms. In a town known more for their coffee and baristas, it's reassuring to know that the biggest tea fans can find a great place to get a good cup of tea. Next time you're in Seattle, be sure to stop by these wonderful tearooms. more >

Traveling Tea Cup

by Elin Headrick

Christmas Tea at the Drake Hotel, Chicago, Illinois. Elin Headrick takes us on a Christmas tea at the beautiful and historic Drak Hotel, Chicago. Come enjoy the elegant Victorian room through the eyes and tastebuds of our Traveling Teacup. more >

Amai Tea and Bake House

by Christine Rillo

Amai Tea and Bake House sits on an unassuming stretch of Third Avenue, nestled between a deli and a Chinese-Spanish fusion cuisine restaurant. Though there is no official signage out front indicating its presence just yet, the brand new tearoom is ready to welcome you inside for a cup of tea and one of their famous tea sweets. more >

Mariage Frères

by Elin Headrick

Elin Headrick hops into the Traveling Teacup and heads on over to the City of Lights and the famed Mariages Freres for a French lesson on tea. Come experience tea at its best. more >

11:11 Teahouse

by Christine Rillo

On Christine's first business trip, she's faced with long delays at the airport, falling off her bed in the hotel room, and the hot, hot Atlanta heat. Refuge awaits her though at the hip, 11:11 Teahouse that reminds her a little bit of life before business trips. more >

The Traveling Teacup: Tea Gschwendner

by Elin Headrick

Elin Headrick shows us that good tea can be found in Chicago. She reviews Tea Gschwender, a German tea company that has made its homebase in the Windy City. more >

The Empress

by Sabrina Messenger

A review of one of Victoria, British Columbia's favorite places for tea; the Empress, also a historic and grand hotel, the Empress has been serving afternoon tea since 1908. more >

Tea & Tea

by Keith Parker

Traveling through New York City's Chinatown, it can be easy for a tourist to become lost in translation. With many shop signs written only in Chinese, it is a welcome respite to recognize a business which can be clearly understood. This is what originally drew me to Tea & Tea, a teahouse on Mott Street in the heart of Chinatown. more >

Babo Teahouse

by Andrea Evangelista

Babo Teahouse in Jersey City, NJ boasts an extensive tea list, bubble tea, gelato, and lots of tasty Chinese snacks. Our write discovers a tea-rific alternative to Starbucks. more >

The English Rose

by Penelope Carlevato

The English Rose is located in Chattanooga, TN nestled in what was the lobby of the former 100-year-old Grand Hotel, a little big of England in the charming South. more >

Ten Ren's Tea Time

by Cindy Pace

Ten Ren's Tea Time is a modern tea bar tucked away in New York City's Chinatown.It's specialty: tasty bubble tea. more >

Elaine's Tea Shoppe

by Sharon Hutchinson

Tucked away in unassuming Toledo, Ohio, Elaine's Tea Shoppe offers a bit of country elegance and tea to it's denizens. more >

Gryphon Tea Room

by Buket Altinoz

Gryphon Tea Room is the epitome of Southern hospitality, elegance, and charm. Located in historic Savannah, stop by and enjoy a traditional tea service. more >

BonBonerie Tea Room

by Michele Deppe

The celebrated BonBonerie Bakery in Cincinnati has been voted the Best in Cincinnati, featured in Bon Appetit magazine, and boasts some of the state's best pastries. It alsohouses a wonderful tea room, with a wide variety of teas. more >


by A. Reed

This hidden gem sits on a lonely part of Park Avenue, NYC. It's modern and Zen design will take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A highly trained staff offers among other things, Korean tea and vegetarian cuisine. more >

Central Perc European Café

by Michele Deppe

Central Perc European Café is reminiscent of the English proprietors' home country: like a good pub, service is 'come to the counter', with food then delivered to table; no pence are squandered on posh garnishes, and you're likely to be drawn into the neighborly banter between the regulars and their British hosts. more >

Taste Tea Salon & Gifts

by Michele Deppe

Treat yourself to a spot of tea and delicious food at Taste Tea Salon and Gifts in Williamsburg, Virginia. Worth every penny! more >

The Flavour of Britain Tea Shoppe

by Linda Barnett

The Flavour of Britain is a cozy retail establishment, offering both British items for sale and a tea room where refreshment is available through traditional English tea service and English cuisine like steak and kidney pie and Cornish pasties. more >

T Salon

by Henry Altman

You're in good 'tea' hands at T Salon in New York City. It's hip and modern design invites you to sit and enjoy one of their many teas from their extensive menu. more >


by Henry Altman

Enjoy a truly unique and special experience at Kai, Ito En's tea room/ restaurant specializing in exquisite tea and haute Japanese cuisine. more >

Old Shanghai Teahouse

by Michael Cramer

If you find yourself in Shanghai ,China please do visit the Old Shanghai Teahouse. It may not be where the locals flock to, but the authentic architecture and design will keep you plenty occupied as your enjoy your tea. more >

HuangShan Tea House

by Michael Cramer

Making one's descend from the spectacular peaks of the Yellow Mountains, a weary visitor is confronted with the most pleasant of views: The Huang Shan Tea House. It's a welcoming oasis where one's aching muscles may get a bit of well-deserved rest. more >


by Rachel Carpenter

Teany is now non-smoking; feel free to enjoy one of it's 98 teas and a delicious vegan snack at this Lower East Side haunt. more >

Guo Xian Tea House

by Michael Cramer

Stumbling upon the Guo Xian Tea House is a nice reward for taking a stroll around Shamien, the old colonial quarter of Guangzhou, once known as Canton. more >

Imperial Tea Court

by Ann Hyatt Logan

The tea experts of San Francisco, Roy and Grace Fong, welcome you to their oasis, Imperial Tea Court. You'll be treated to an expert tea service of the finest teas offers in Asia. more >

Tea at Harrods

by Diana Rosen

Come for a spot of tea and other pleasures at England's famed Harrods. This special time of day is a welcome respite for our weary traveler at this historic department store. more >

Teahouse Kuan Yin

by Jean Boone

'U-Dub' students have been flocking to this Seattle, Washington tea room for a spot of tea and snacks as well as a side of tea education on some of the world's finest teas. more >

Alice's Tea Cup

by Ann Hyatt Logan

For those seeking a comfortable and cozy tearoom in the heart of Manhattan, Alice's Tea Cup is the place to go. Come enjoy a well educated staff serve you the best teas in the city, along with creative cuisine featuring fresh ingredients. more >

Tea Lounge

by Andrea Thomas

Tea Lounge is located in Park Slope, Brooklyn and is definitely a neighborhood favorite. A great place to enjoy all sorts of beverages and a light snack. more >

Coffee Exchange

by Tom Gilmartin

Don't let this establishment's name fool you: you can also find one of the best selections of tea in Vermont along with fine cafe fare. more >

Dobra Cajovna

by Alla Gordeev

One of Prague's main attractions is its carefree, bohemian spirit. Dobra Cajovna nicely encapsulates its best features. more >

Tao of Tea Teahouse

by Joseph Turner

Enjoy a little zen in Portland, Oregon at the Tao of Tea Teahouse. Their helpful staff will happily help you choose a tea from their extensive list. more >

Tea-Tray in the Sky

by Joel Abrams

Nestled in this historic college town, Tea-Tray in the Sky is an eclectic, funky place to get a cup of tea. Choose from more than 75 varieties and enjoy light food and snacks. more >

The Dushanbe Teahouse

by Martha Bowes

This unique tea room boasts an authentic reconstruction of a teahouse from the central Asian city of Dushanbe, Tajikistan. This stunning teahouse is a jewel on the silk road of good will. more >