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Archive: Tea History


Japanese Tea and Radiation

by Christine Banks

Following the March 11th earthquake and subsequent problems at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, reports surfaced of radiation in the Japanese food supply. After immediate concern for the Japanese people, many people began to wonder: how will this affect tea? more >

Climate Change - Changing Tea?

by Christine Banks

Climate change will impact crops around the world in many different ways, from the amount of rainfall an area receives to shifts in temperature and overall climate patterns. What might happen to our favorite crop, tea? more >

How Afternoon Tea was 'Invented'

by Jane Pettigrew

If you're looking for a break during your busy holiday season, why not host an Afternoon Tea? It's easy and affordable with simple elegance. Learn more about this English tea tradition in this article and feel free to share your knowledge at your next tea party! more >

History of Adagio Teas

by Amanda Schwarz

Ever wonder how Adagio Tea's started? Here is a brief history of the company, and the founders, brother Michael and Ilya. See where we came from, and our plans for the future. more >

Sharing Tea: The Essence of Hospitality

by an excerpt from Tea Here Now by Donna Fellman & Lh

The sharing of tea provides nourishment, creates comfort, and puts all at ease. more >

Multiple Infusions and the National Archives

by Chris Cason

In all the tales in the tome of tea, there is no sadder chapter than that of the Opium Wars. more >

America's Contribution to Tea: Convenience

by Chris Cason
A primer portraying American progress in the world of tea. more >

Teas of Yore: Bohea, Hyson and Congou

by Diana Rosen

A study of tea terms prevalent in 18th Century poetry. more >

Jenaer Glas: A Story Made of Glass

by Michael Cramer

Jenaer's early history and present-day accomplishments. more >

Bootleg Tea

by James Norwood Pratt

The tale of turmoil of the early years of the tea trade. more >

Darjeeling: Sultan's Tea

by James Norwood Pratt

Learn about the history of India�s teas of Darjeeling. more >

Empire Brewed from Tea Leaves

by James Norwood Pratt

Tea's contribution to the growth of the British Empire. more >

Buddha's Tea

by James Norwood Pratt
How Buddha spread tea to Japan, Korea and rest of Asia. more >

Korea: The Other Tea Country

by Diana Rosen
The story of tea and accompanying ceremonies in Korea. more >

The Dutch Invent 'Orange Pekoe'

by James Norwood Pratt
Holland’s role in the tea trade and worldwide confusion. more >

How Ch'a Became Tea

by James Norwood Pratt
A study of the mosaic of tea names originating in China. more >

The Original Book of Tea

by James Norwood Pratt
Literary review of Lu Yu's ancient bestseller more >

Sir Tea

by James Norwood Pratt

T. J. Lipton's radical transformation of the world of tea. more >

China's Downfall

by James Norwood Pratt
China tea’s descent from indispensable to superfluous. more >

Brewing Up American Pride: Charleston Tea

by Martha Bowes

The story of America's only tea plantation in S. Carolina. more >

Tea & Steam: An Industrial Revolution

by James Norwood Pratt
How modern production reshaped the industry of tea. more >

Waltz Around a Tea Table

by Jane Pettigrew
Victorian England’s fashionable accompaniment to tea. more >

China's China

by James Norwood Pratt
Another beautiful gift from China to the world: porcelain. more >

Trading Tea for Opium

by James Norwood Pratt
How England’s love of tea lead to control of Hong Kong. more >

The Things People Said...

by Jane Pettigrew
Our fickle feelings on tea as inspired through the ages. more >

Taxation Without Representation, Part II

by James Norwood Pratt
How tea helped catalyze the American Revolution, Part II more >

Taxation Without Representation

by James Norwood Pratt
How tea helped catalyze the American Revolution. more >

Coffeehouses & Tea Gardens

by James Norwood Pratt
Societal meeting places in Eighteenth Century England. more >

The Age of Clippers

by Jane Pettigrew
Why Sleek vessels raced to deliver new season's crop. more >

Russia Discovers Tea... and a Somovar

by James Norwood Pratt
Russia’s love of tea, becoming China's biggest customer. more >

How Afternoon Tea was 'Invented'

by Jane Pettigrew
English tea rituals evolve into a world-famous ceremony. more >

Tea's Arrival in Europe

by James Norwood Pratt
The Dutch East India Company introduces tea to Europe. more >

John Company and Tea's Arrival in England

by James Norwood Pratt
The fortuitous origins of the British East India Company. more >

All the Tea in China

by Bridget D. Farrell
China's loss of domination over the past quarter century. more >

Tea and the Guillotine

by Karen Burns
The King's head and other French Revolution casualties. more >

Taylor, Lipton & the Birth of Ceylon Tea

by Jane Pettigrew
How Sri Lanka transformed from coffee to a tea leader. more >

The Origins of Indian Tea

by Jane Pettigrew
How China's monopoly on tea trade was finally broken. more >

Women's Place in Tea History

by Eve Hill
A history of tea from a feminine point of view. more >