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Man Up, Drink Tea

by Taylor Cowan

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Sue and Esther’s Serves Tea in Frankenmuth

by Barbara Gulley

Sue and Esther’s Tea Room is exceptional in many ways, but perhaps its most remarkable feature is how it stands apart from the Christmas-themed town it resides in, where wintery scenes and holiday decorations are displayed every day of the year. more >

Mojitea Time

by Wendi Freeman

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Rose Tea Cake by an English Rose

by Charlotte Heather Wall

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Caldron Favorites

by Diana Rosen

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Delicious Recipes for Your Summer Drinking

by Diana Rosen

The iced tea popsicle is so simple to make and, with all the choices of ice cube shapes and sizes, you can really have fun with this. You may even make Arnold Palmer popsicles, which combine lemonade with iced tea. Arnold Palmers are refreshing, great for kids or adults, and if you want to spike yours with liquor, it accommodates that, too. In other words, the perfect summer party drink is the Arnold Palmer! more >

Summer Tea Stand: Nostalgia & Great Teaching Tool!

by Diana Rosen

A summertime tea stand is a great learning experience and a lot of fun, as both children and teens can learn business skills like how to create a product, sell it, and figure out what to do with the profits! This business model can be replicated many times in the future, and is great for those eight-years-old and older. more >

Cold Brew

by Cynthia Gold

The newest trend is tea leaves specially prepared to infuse in cold water almost instantly. more >

Fall Into Chai

by Christine Banks

Chai simply radiates the sensations of autumn, with its warming spices and hearty black tea. Appreciate the flavors of chai and learn a little about its origin. more >

Review: Meaning of the Boulder-Dushanbe Teahouse

by Samantha Cappuccino-Williams

The Meaning of the Boulder-Dushanbe Teahouse is a painstakingly researched and lovingly crafted tribute to the only Tajik teahouse in the Western hemisphere. Learn more about this interesting book on one of the most famous teahouses in the U.S. more >

Traveling and Tea: Have a Great Cup Anywhere

by Diana Rosen

All over the world, you'll find tea. Learn about some new places to enjoy one of the world's most popular beverages while you're out and about this summer. more >

Tea to the Rescue!

by Diana Rosen

Too much sun? Tea can help! more >

Cool Tea Ideas for Hot Summer Parties

by Diana Rosen

Whether it’s Independence Day, birthdays, or “just because it’s summer”, nothing is easier or more delicious than iced tea to accompany barbecues, elegant picnics or family celebrations. more >

World Tea Expo 2012 – Recap

by Cynthia Fazekas

Tea professionals gathered in early June in Las Vegas for the 10th World Tea Expo. Show and industry veterans reminisced and waxed poetic about the show and evolution of the US tea industry. more >

Gadgets, Gifts and Grilling with Dad

by Diana Rosen

Celebrate dad with grilling recipes and gift ideas for that special guy in your life. more >

Graduation Day: Celebrating the Grad in Your Life

by Diana Rosen

Graduation looms for students of all kinds. Diana Rosen suggests some gifts for the recent grads in your life. more >

Weddings and Tea

by Christine Banks

June is prime time for weddings (and we at Adagio extend our sincere congratulations to all new and impending brides and grooms). Tea has historically played a role in weddings in parts of Asia, but there are also contemporary ways that tea is incorporated into wedding festivities. more >

Honor Mom With A Delicious Gift

by Diana Rosen

Ever since President Woodrow Wilson signed the proclamation in 1914 making the second Sunday in May a time to honor all mothers, we've been using telegram offices, telephone companies, email servers, and the good old U.S. Post Office to send messages of love and affection to dear Mom. Read about Adagio's Mother's Day gift set and a recipe to share with her. more >

Tea and Weight Loss

by Lainie Petersen

The notion that tea is good for losing weight isn’t a new one. Responsible scientists and medical professionals are in full agreement: There is no magic bullet for weight loss. But tea tea can help some people lose weight because it is a delicious beverage that is essentially calorie-free. more >

A Season for Tea

by Christine Banks

Casual tea drinkers may not realize that tea is only harvested at certain times of the year. Learn more about when teas are harvested and the unique flavors from harvests in different seasons. more >

Tea Flavors by Country

by Lainie Petersen
While it’s important to judge individual teas by their own merits, teas made in certain regions often share certain flavor characteristics. Learn more about the teas produced in different Asian countries. more >

Tea Goes to College: Campus Tea Clubs

by Tiffany Picard

Tea is a social beverage, even on campus. Learn more about how tea is bringing people together at universities and colleges across the country with tea clubs. more >

Celebrate Passover and Easter With Tea

by Diana Rosen

The clocks have sprung forward, Spring Equinox has passed, and the two seminal holidays of the season will soon be upon us: Passover, April 6-13 and Easter, April 8. Enjoy some recipes that incorporate tea in your celebrations! more >

Would You Like Caffeine With That?

by Lainie Petersen

Whether you need more caffeine in your life, or are looking for less stimulating options, there's sure to be a tea for you. Learn a little more about caffeine in teas and tisanes this month! more >

Herbal Teas for Healthy Skin

by Tiffany Picard

The cold winter air leaves our skin dry and itchy. If your skin could use some TLC this season, we suggest are a few herbals to nourish your skin from the inside out. more >

Classics on Tea For Your Personal Library

by Diana Rosen

This month, we list tea-related books for both education and armchair dreaming with teacup at hand, to inspire experimentation and delight in all your tea drinking entertainment and solo pleasures. more >

Heart Health for Your Valentine

by Diana Rosen

The heart has long been an icon for love, and no wonder - its gentle beating keeps us alive and breathing! For your Valentine, why not give him or her a fine black or green tea and a box of dark chocolates? This double-whammy of a gift offers twice the heart benefits because chocolate has high antioxidant qualities, too. more >

Thoughtful Tea Gifts - Valentine's & Beyond

by Lainie Petersen

"It's the thought that counts" is the old adage, but a gift is even better if the giver considers the needs and tastes of its recipient. Adagio Tea Consultant Lainie Petersen shares a few tips for thinking about the tea gift or gifts that you'd like to get for friends and family this year. more >

TeaMap - New Release for iPhone, and now Android!

by Cynthia Fazekas

Adagio Teas has released version 2.0 of TeaMap for iPhone, and is pleased to introduce the Android TeaMap app as well! more >

New Year's Resolutions: More Tea!

by Christine Banks

A lot of resolutions also tend to be focused on things not to do anymore. While it’s always worth making changes in your life, why not focus on things you want to do more of? Like drink more tea! more >

New Year's Teas

by Samantha Cappuccino-Williams
Champagne isn't the only beverage used to ring in the New Year! Read about ways to incorporate tea into your yearly celebration and share in the New Year's traditions of other cultures. more >

DIY Tea Gift Baskets for the Holidays

by Diana Rosen

Nothing charms more than a gift basket of delectable teas and accessories for the holidays. It's a delightful way to thank a hostess for a festive meal, a more welcome gift than another tie or set of body lotions, and it can even be very kind to the budget. more >

Spice Up Your Holiday Tea Drinks!

by Diana Rosen

Tired of the traditional punch or eggnog for holiday celebrations? Try these new ideas for adding favorite alcoholic beverages to the teas you adore. They're easy to make, delicious to taste and your family and friends will love your innovative take on entertaining. more >

The Chemistry Of Tea

by Diana Rosen

Ever wondered why tea tastes so wonderful? Diana Rosen explores the chemistry of your favorite drink. From black to green to oolong, she's got the science behind the steep! more >

Have Tea, Will Travel

by Tiffany Picard

With the holidays approaching, many of us will be trekking across land or sea to visit our loved ones. Travel can be fun, but it’s often hard to leave the comforts of home—especially your tea cupboard! Here are some ideas to make a good cuppa while on the road this holiday season. more >

Book Review: A Tea Reader:...

by Samantha Cappuccino-Williams

more >

Flavors of Fall

by Samantha Cappuccino-Williams

Cool, crisp air, the changing of the leaves from bright green to beautiful red, orange, and yellow - fall has arrived! Autumn opens up a new palate of flavors to enjoy in the chilly weather. Think warming, cozy flavors like pumpkin and cinnamon. Here are some new ways to start hot tea season off right! more >

North of the Border: Tea in Canada

by Tiffany Picard

If you’re reading this article, chances are you know that tea is hot, hot, hot in the U.S. But did you know that a parallel tea movement is happening a few miles north of the border? Across Canada, tea shops and tea communities are blooming like Jasmine Pearl leaves in a teacup. more >

Purity: A Meaningful, Tea-Inspired Benefit

by Jason Walker

Join The Meaning of Tea® for a tea-inspired gathering on November 3rd in NYC at the Ramscale West Village lofts, to celebrate and benefit the American Botanical Council the nonprofit herbal research and education organization. more >

Back To School: Tea Education

by Samantha Cappuccino-Williams

'Tis the season for back-to-school! While many people have been waiting for this all summer so they can get a break from their kids, others are eager to get back to learning themselves. But you don't have to wait until September or be enrolled in a traditional school to achieve such self-improvement, especially when it comes to tea. more >

Campus Tea Time

by Christine Banks

It's back to campus time for college students. How do you feed your tea addiction if you're living in a dorm? more >

Iced Tea and Lemonade: Summer in a Glass

by Christine Banks and Cynthia Fazekas

Lemonade-iced tea drinks are everywhere these days. And with good reason: they combine two of summer’s quintessential thirst quenchers. more >

2011 World Tea Expo Recap

by Cynthia Fazekas

This year's World Tea Expo seemed to fly by all too quickly. First, let me state the obvious: Las Vegas is HOT. It was a toasty 103° F when we walked out of the airport to the taxi line. The dry heat did not make you feel like you were melting, but simply disintegrating on the spot. The need for iced tea was great indeed! more >

A Closer Cup of Tea: Tea Cultivation in N. America

by Christine Banks

Quick – name a country that grows tea! China, Japan, India or Sri Lanka may be among the first to come to mind. But some innovative entrepreneurs are trying their hand at growing tea in the climes of North America. These pioneers are taking the local foods movement to a new level. more >

Showing Children the Way to Tea

by Samantha Cappuccino-Williams

Before my daughter, Penelope, was even born, she had a tea party set. Two, actually, courtesy of my brother and best friend. They assumed that as a tea lover I would want to share my passion with my daughter, and they were right. I think tea parties lay a great tea foundation on which kids can build the knowledge of how to properly prepare, appreciate, and share tea. Not only are they a creative outlet for a child’s imagination, but they introduce some of the basics of good tea preparation (not to mention some manners and etiquette). more >

CelebriTEA Tastes

by Christine Banks

While coffee mostly dominates the U.S. cultural lexicon (for now!), more and more celebrities are embracing tea. Sure, we can see tea featured prominently on TV shows like The Mentalist and NCIS: Los Angeles, but do the stars actually enjoy tea like the rest of us? more >

Preview: 2011 World Tea Expo

by Cynthia Fazekas

June is very special to tea people, for later this month the "who's who" of specialty tea will gather in Las Vegas for the World Tea Expo. It is a business-to-business trade show, devoted solely to specialty tea - the good stuff! For three days, industry veterans and "newbies" will attend classes, sample products, and discuss industry news. more >

China Trip 2011

by Samantha Cappuccino-Williams

If you're a FaceBook friend of Adagio's, you've probably seen some of the posts about the 2011 China trip. If you're not, however, you may have no idea what I'm talking about. more >

Yixing Teapots 101

by Samantha Cappuccino-Williams

Yixing teapots are not just teapots, they're exceptional works of Chinese art. Dating back centuries, these teapots enhance the tea-drinking experience not only with their functionality, but with their aesthetic appeal. more >

Tea: The App For Tea Drinkers

by Samuel Iglesias

I hadn't bothered looking up brewing suggestions for Gyokuro. Three months into my tea journey, naturally I had thought myself some kind of expert. The packaging for the tea had been torn open mere moments ago and lay beside my foot on the kitchen floor. With water that had been cooled to slightly below boiling and a timer set for three minutes, I lowered the infusion basket of glossy leaves into a mug, watching with delight as my first cup of Japanese tea began to assume the expected green hue. "This," I thought to myself, "is the fanciest, most expensive green tea that money can buy. And it's going to be awesome." more >

Spring Cleaning Your Tea Stash

by Samantha Cappuccino-Williams

Spring is near. It's almost time to trade snow and ice for flowers and sunshine, aaaannnnnddd get out your broom and do a little spring-cleaning. Oh yeah. Spring-cleaning. Ugh. I propose we start easy this year. Instead of chasing dust bunnies from beneath our beds, let's tackle our tea stashes! I don't know about yours, but mine gets a little out of hand over the course of the year and needs an annual purge to keep it under control. more >

What's in Your K-Cup?

by Samantha Cappuccino-Williams

I work in a corporate office. Like many offices, mine has phased out fresh-brewed pots of coffee and brought in Keurig machines. I was curious about Keurigs when they first arrived on the scene a few years ago, as they were not only convenient but they catered to individual coffee tastes within a large group. I was also curious about their tea-making abilities, but coffee was the main attraction in the beginning. more >

Sweets for Your Tea

by Samantha Cappuccino-Williams

Valentine's Day approaches. Surely you have been wracking your brain about what you should get your main squeeze, but while you conjure ways to be sweet to your sweetie, have you considered ways to be sweet to your tea? more >

Tea Blogging: A History

by Amy Charland
Over the past two years there has been a huge upswing in the number of tea-related blogs. In response, a vibrant online community has evolved due the common passion of tea. One has to wonder how we got here and what the future holds for tea blogging. I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to answer those questions, and here is what I discovered. more >

Tea, My Valentine

by Samantha Cappuccino-Williams

Happy Valentine's Day to my eternal Valentine! I thought there no better a way to celebrate the most loving of holidays than to recount my feelings for one of my nearest and dearest friends. more >

Green Rooibos Is Coming! Green Rooibos Is Coming!

by Samantha Cappuccino-Williams

If you are even a casual tea drinker, odds are you have heard of Rooibos (pronounced roy-boss) tea. Over the past few years, Rooibos tea has been gaining in popularity as a unique and caffeine-free alternative to traditional teas. If you’re a serious or adventurous tea drinker, you probably have first-hand experience drinking this rich, red tea. But, Serious/Adventurous Tea Drinker, did you know there is green Rooibos tea? Yeah, to be honest, neither did I. But there is! And it's coming soon to Adagio Teas! more >

Tea Year's Resolutions: 2011

by Samantha Cappuccino-Williams

Welcome to the new year! Last year, Tiffany Picard gave us all suggestions of how to use tea as our guide when committing to some of the most popular New Year's resolutions. Regardless of how well you might have done last year, at least one of those resolutions is probably back on your list this year. They say that people abandon their resolutions when they're too broad, so I suggest we take another crack at 2010's by making them a little more specific for 2011. more >

Feeling' GifTEA

by Samantha Cappuccino-Williams

It's that time of year again! Time for holiday shopping. This is generally a fun thing to do, if you already know what to get everyone. If you're like 99.99% of the population, however, you could probably use some ideas. If you have a tea lover on your list and you know little about tea yourself, then you can definitely use some ideas. more >

Adagio invites customers to experience tea

by Charles Cain

Adagio Teas' first "Tea Experience" retail store opened at 27 W. Jefferson in downtown Naperville, IL at 4PM on Sunday afternoon, October 3rd. Adagio’s concept store, roughly a year in the making, was born without a sound... or so we expected. more >

Impediments to Better Tea: Five Misconceptions

by Samantha Cappuccino-Williams

It's universally known that tea is good for you. It's also universally known that loose tea is better than bag tea. Yet, in the United States, teabags are still far more popular than loose tea. Are you among the many drinking teabag tea? You are? I had a feeling. Don't worry, I think I know what the problem is, and I can help. more >

Tea for Dinner: A Cookbook Review of Culinary Tea

by Samantha Cappuccino-Williams

At the top of my list was the Adagio monthly Cooking-with-Tea contest winner, Chicken Pesto Pizza with Kukicha Crust. I thought the pesto might overshadow the other ingredients, but everything was well balanced. You truly can taste the delicate flavor of the Kukicha in the crust. I prepared this pizza for a family dinner and it was a big hit. more >

Pastry Chefs Exhibit Versatili-tea in the Kitchen

by Robert Schmelter

Chefs - particularly those in big cities - are known for pushing the envelope when it comes to using ingredients in ways they were never meant to be used. You just have to tune into Iron Chef - where you'll see sardine-flavored ice cream, or coffee-crusted rib eye - to see these culinary mad scientists at work creating new ways to look at food and the use of ingredients. more >

Tea Adventures in An Online Wonderland

by Robert Schmelter

Social networking has made it easier for enthusiasts to unite online in praise of a common passion. For some, it may be friending a favorite band on MySpace. Others track the comings and goings (and random thoughts) of their favorite celebrities on Twitter. A fan of Jimmy Buffett? You and thousands of other Parrot-heads can share your favorite concert memories on Facebook. more >

Training in Tea

by Robert Schmelter

You can pursue pretty much anything in college nowadays. Even tea and tea appreciation is a viable field of study in higher institutions. Colleges around the globe have started offering courses and even degrees in the art, cultivation, and marketing of tea. more >

Are you there Vodka? It's me, Tea

by Robert Schmelter

In the post post-modern 21st Century, as more and more art forms and genres undergo mash ups, mixes, and various other blends and permutations – and the culinary world sees its own shake up, as various ethnic traditions collide, deconstruct, and reform in new and exciting ways – so, too, has the tradition of tea been ushered into the new millennium. more >

Like Tea? There's An App for That

by Robert Schmelter

It seems that there's an app for everything these days, from weather forecasts to finding the cheapest parking garage to scanning for zombies. No matter the hobby or the interest, programmers are ready to design a hip new app to cater to it. Beverages have become the new frontier for app makers, with new applications being released on a regular basis. more >


by Robert Schmelter

The fact that tea is an excellent source of antioxidants – along with possessing a myriad of other health benefits – has long been established and reported at length. Its properties are believed to improve liver and kidney functions, clear your digestive system, and improve your mood. That's great for your internal mechanism, but what about externally? Can tea also benefit your physical appearance? more >

Cancer-fighting tea goodness

by Mikael Zaurov

As you sip that fine cup of green tea, you're not really thinking about what it contains. You're just immersed in the amazing aroma and the sweet vegetal taste. Undoubtedly, that is the proper way to drink tea but once you put your cup down, it is totally fine to wonder what you just put into your body. It should be no surprise to you that tea is exactly what you should be drinking. In fact, it is so good that if it wasn't for the great taste, you might as well be injecting it. Modern research is showing that tea rocks. Let me tell you why. more >

On Pu Erh, The Other Tea

by LaRoi Zavier

If I were stranded on a deserted island and could only have one type of tea with me, in unlimited supply, it would definitely be China's pu erh tea from Yunnan Province. It has all of the medicinal properties of green tea, plus other medicinal properties which are unique to pu erh alone. It has a flavor that is complex and yet much smoother and more enjoyable than a cup of a gourmet coffee. So aside from its numerous health benefits, it's just plain good! more >

Developments within the world of Oolong

by Mikael Zaurov

Who doesn't love oolong tea? It's probably the best thing to come out of China next to paper. Whether you're a fan of the light green and floral oolongs or the dark and long roasted variety, you know that nothing beats a cup of good oolong tea. Can life get any better? Perhaps! The Heavens have opened up and the Jade Emperor, Lord of Tea, has smiled down upon us. There are changes a-brew-ing. Very exciting changes. more >

My Journey to Tea

by Mikael Zaurov

Hi tea lovers. I'm the new guy here at Adagio Teas. Not only will I be offering assistance through answering emails but I'll also be doing fun projects like writing these TeaMuse articles for you all to enjoy. First and foremost, I would like to introduce myself and what experiences led me here. more >

The Way of Tea

by Mikael Zaurov

There was once a famous Chinese master named Zhao Zhou. He was so famous that he had visitors all the time who would come seeking the meaning of enlightenment. One day two young seekers knocked on his door begging for words of wisdom. Zhao Zhou welcomed them into his small hut and told them to sit down at a table where an old monk was already sitting. "Please tell me the meaning of Buddha," the first student asked. Zhao Zhou replied, "Drink some tea!" more >

Japanese Tea Ceremonies

by Cinnabar

Seattle is home to two authentic locations where one can witness the beauty and noble art of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Join tea-blogger, Cinnabar of as she brings us to the Shoseian and Ryokusuian tea houses located each respectively at the Seattle Arboretum and the Seattle Art Museum. more >

Monthly Musings May 2010

by Christine Rillo

May brings about spring flowers and Mother's Day. Honor the very special women in your life by presenting them a gift of liquid flowers and honey. Check out our various gift sets that will put a smile on her face this Mother's Day. Please also check out our newly launched Masters collection and anTEAdote special promotion. more >

Monthly Musings: April 2010

by Christine Rillo

Happy April! Wishing everyone a happy Easter and Passover. Check out two new topical tea books to hit the bookstore shelves this month. And since it's the beginning of a new month, be sure to check out our newest farmer in our Roots Campaign. To be up to date with all things Adagio, be sure to follow us on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook! more >

Your Own Herbal Tea Garden

by Christine Rillo

As the weather gets warmer, it becomes perfect weather to grow your own herbal tea garden. Check out this article for an easy how-to and suggestions to create your own tisane filled garden- the perfect way to introduce fresh and inexpensive ingredients into your springtime tea drinking. more >

Monthly Musings: March 2010

by Christine Rillo

Warming into March with some great ideas for hot treats, perfect for the post snow activities indoors. Check out a new tea cookie company, Tea Aura that will provide the best companion to your afternoon cup of tea. Also, please take advantage of our 10% off all green teas promotion. This promotion will end March 17th. more >

Get Green this St. Patrick's Day

by Christine Rillo

St. Patrick's Day is usually celebrated with pints of Guinness or if you're a tetoler, strong brews of black Irish Breakfast. Try something new this year and try to inject more green into your celebrations, but including some popular green teas alongside favorite Irish foods. more >

Monthly Musings February 2010

by Christine Rillo

Activi-TEA for the month:try a new tea every day this month and keep a log of your personal recommendation, steeping preferences, and tasting notes. Great to revisit later on this year! Also, check our our gift sets for hassle-free Valentine's Day shopping as well as our popular Valentines flavored tea for a really sweet holiday tea. more >

Tea and Fine Food Pairings

by Christine Rillo

If staying in for Valentine's Day is in your plans this year, why not treat you and your loved ones to a special tasting menu of fine foods prepared at home paired with some spectacular teas from Adagio? Read about some great teas and what foods they'll make a perfect match with for both your savory and sweet dishes. more >

Monthly Musings: January 2010

by Christine Rillo

Happy New Year to all our wonderful customers! Read about some exciting news, products, and changes coming to Adagio Teas in 2010. We announce our blog chronicling our journey to open a retail location in Chicago (late 2010). Please also check out Zack Luye's Adagio TeaV for our first ever Signature Blend Awards 2009 and our latest Roots Campaign tea farmer. more >

Tea Year's Resolutions

by Tiffany Picard

Are you already exhausted looking over your list of 2010's New Year's Resolutions? Read about some easy ways on how tea can help assist you with all the points on your list, everything from weight loss to becoming a 'greener' citizen. Happy 2010! more >

Monthly Musings: December 2009

by Christine Rillo

The holidays are upon us! Be sure to keep an eye out for a new product- perfect for any stocking; Savannah Bee Company's Tea Honey. The holidays just got sweeter! Please also check out our main article on useful tips for shopping on our website this holiday season. Stock up on holidays flavored teas before they're gone! more >

Adagio Teas' Online Shopping Guide Holidays 2009

by Christine Rillo

Need some ideas on the perfect gift for the tea lover in your life? Having trouble navigating some of our newer features on our website? Read up on this useful guide on some new holiday features on our site, such as our holiday quick-check out. Happy holidays and happy shopping! more >

Monthly Musings November 2009

by Christine Rillo

November news includes the arrival of five exquisite Chinese teas you may have overlooked last month. Please also check out some new flavors- our savory teas! We are also pleased to present a new tea farmer featured in this month's Roots Campaign. Note: a percentage of sales from their particular tea will be donated directly to the farmer. more >

Traveling Teacup: Dushanbe Tea House Boulder, CO

by Christine Rillo

Dushanbe is Boulder's sister city and the capital of Tajikistan. As a gift they created an authentic teahouse and shipped it over to the US to be recreated. A beautiful sight to behold and to partake in afternoon tea in. It is the place to visit for tea enthusiasts visiting beautiful Boulder, CO. more >

Monthly Musings October 2009

by Christine Rillo
October brings back Adagio Teas' popular holiday flavors: Pumpkin Spice, Candy Apple, Chestnut, Cranberry, Gingerbread, and Candy Cane. Christine shares some tea related places to visit while in Boulder, Colorado. Also, we are pleased to annouce another month in our Adagio Roots Campaign, where Adagio Teas gives back a percentage of a particular teas' sales to the farmer that makes that tea possible. more >

A Journey Through Chinese Food and Tea Pairings

by Tiffany Picard

Join Tiffany Picard, a Bay Area tea enthusiast, as she explores tasty Chinese cuisine prepared by Roy and Grace Fong of Imperial Tea House. What goes better with Chinese food than tea? Check out tea pairings using oolong and pu erh teas that can easily be translated when you go out for Dim Sum. more >

Blending Teas

by Christine Rillo

Inspired by all the different signature blends on our website? You too can take a crack at blending something tasty and unique. Check out this article on getting the inspiration and idea for a blend. Then head over to our website to purchase a blend or make one of your very own. more >

Monthly Musings September 2009

by Christine rillo

September brings in fall and we bring in more teas for you to enjoy! Please check out our freshest arrivals! We are also pleased to reveal this summer's picture contest winner and to announce our latest feature, the Adagio Teas Root Campaign. more > The Internet's very own tea party!

by Christine Rillo is the internet's very own tea party! This ever-growing website the place to be if you are either a tea connoisseur or novice. The site allows you to write and share reviews on any tea out there in the world. Read about and how they are making it easier for you to learn and love tea! more >

Monthly Musings August 2009

by Christine Rillo

Ever wonder the best way to cold brew a lovely first flush Sencha? Try checking out The newly redesigned site has over a thousand posters actively writing about all things teas. Be sure to check out our main article on tea connoisseur, Jason Walker. Also, Christine's contest for Adagio Teas Summer Vacation pics is still going on, so send your pics to her. You could win tea! more >

Jason Walker of Walker Tea Reviews

by Christine Rillo

It's pretty easy to call Jason Walker a 'tea connoisseur'. It's because he loves teas, knows his teas, and best of all is willing to share his knowledge and enthusiasm with everyone via his blog. more >

Monthly Musings July 2009

by Christine Rillo

If you still haven't, stock up on our ready-to-drink, super-refreshing bottled anTEAdote which is on sale at 2 cases or more until the end of the summer. Also, I want to see where you are enjoying your tea this summer! Send in your favorite summer vacation pictures (with a cup of tea in hand!) to our editor for a chance to be featured in next month's TeaMuse and a tin of Christine's favorite Adagio Tea for iced tea. more >

Making the Perfect Iced Tea

by Christine Rillo & Cynthia Fazekas

With the summer rolling in, many of you might be looking for instructions on how to make fresh iced tea. Here, we offer a primer on how to make fresh iced tea along with many tips and ideas to spruce up this refreshing drink! more >

Monthly Musings June 2009

by Christine Rillo

Check out our new site layout and let us know what you think! Please feel free to submit your suggestions and feedback as we are still working on making our site as user-friendly as possible! We are also looking to offer some new products- tea cookies and tea chocolates. Spring Darjeeling and Nepal First Flush teas 2009 harvests are now available! more >

Father's Day Tea

by Christine Rillo

Stumped on what to get Dad this year for Father's Day? Check out this article with some helpful suggestions on how to put together a unique gift for Dad. We included a list of distinctive teas to match any father's personality! more >

Monthly Musings May 2009

by Christine Rillo

Discover the world of chai with our new chai line! Also, tips on how to prepare chai the traditional way, and a chance to win one of our chai samplers. Check out our current promotion- discounts off our popular, all organic ready to drink anTEAdote bottled teas! more >

Delight Her With Tea: Gifts for Mother's Day

by Christine Rillo

A helpful gift guide for Mother's Day. Gift ideas include tea sets from Adagio Teas, but we also included some other options if your mother loves sweets like chocolates and cookies, a great book idea, and lots of options from handmade emporium We included all sorts of gifts, many of which will fall in your budget. Who knows, you might find something there you like for yourself! more >

Monthly Musings: April 2009

by Christine Rillo

A monthly note from editor Christine Rillo discussing and highlighting news from the tea world. Spring brings allergy season, can tea help with those irritating symptoms? April also brings about the annual NY Coffee and Tea Festival, a popular trade show open to the public displaying the latest products from the tea, coffee, and gourmet food world. more >

Cool Tea Company Alert: Damn Fine Tea

by Christine Rillo

Christine profiles a unique tea company, Damn Fine Tea, who specializes in limited edition sets and varieties of teas. Their eye-catching packaging also makes them stand out from the rest of the pack, with their hand-printed graphics and innovative design. more >

Monthly Musings March 2009

by Christine Rillo

Is spring coming or what? Try your hand at luck by entering into our St. Patrick's Day giveaway. Springtime also brings the arrival of samples of your favorite teas. Check out Zack Luye's Adagio TeaV on our website and try out one of our new Signature Blend samplers - which features a sample of all the teas that will be reviewed that month. Happy March! more >

The Buzz On Honey

by Christine Rillo

Try a little honey in your cup of tea today! A useful article on varieties of honey and some pairings with Adagio Teas and Tropical Blossom Honey. Learn some useful facts about this sweet nectar to share with your busy bees the next time you sit down to tea time. more >

Top O' The Morning

by Cynthia Fazekas

One of our favorite teas has a special day this month- Irish Breakfast! Tips for tearoom owners that you can easily include in your St. Patrick's Day celebrations this year. Try mixing it with a little spirit and enjoy alongside Irish Soda Bread and shortbread. more >

Monthly Musings, February 2009

by Christine Rillo

Six more weeks of winter! One year birthday of our Signature Blends feature; come check out our new video podcast, Adagio TeaV. Need an interesting gift for the tea lover in your life for Valentine's Day? Check out some cool finds from the internet. more >

Steeped in Romance

by Christine Rillo

Want to incorporate tea in your Valentine's day festivities? Check out this list of simple ways to infuser a little tea into your romantic evening. Also read up on some useful facts and conversation starters regarding our favorite beverage. more >

Monthly Musings January 2009

by Christine Rillo

Happy New Tea Year! Another year passes- what will 2009 have in store for Adagio Teas? We are always looking for new items and flavors to offer our customers, so feel free to drop us a line with your suggestions! more >

Organizing Your Teas

by Christine Rillo

Has your tea stash taken over your living area? Find yourself sifting through dozens of teas to find the one you want to have? Start your new year organized with this tea organization primer. more >

Oolong Tea: Covering the Basics

by Richard Goodness

It's that time of year again! Weight loss is a popular resolution made this time of year and many products offer miracle results, unnaturally fast results. This article debunks the myths you might have come across- get informed! more >

Monthly Musings December 2008

by Christine Rillo

Another holiday season is upon us! In this note from the editor, we discuss Adagio Teas' presence on, our favorite gift items, and other holiday related things from your favorite tea vendor. more >

Tea and Spirits

by Christine Rillo

Make your holidays a bit merrier! Explore a range of new tea-infused liquor products to make your holiday entertaining a bit more unique. Website information to where to purchase, recipes, and other teas. more >

Monthly Musings November 2008

by Christine Rillo

A monthly message from our editor. We are proud to unveil our line of 'Fresh Arrivals' from China- premium black, green, and white Chinese teas. We also have in stock our Tea Chest, which will make the perfect gift for any tea lover on your gift list. more >

Creating the Perfect Gift: Signature Blends

by Christine Rillo

Curious about making your own Signature Blend? It's not as challenging as it may seem. All you need is a love for tea and some creativity. We all know how great it is to receive a gift made just for you- imagine the tea love in your life receiving a Signature Blend conjured up just for them? We present in this article a primer on how to make the perfect Signature Blend for everyone on your list. more >

Water: The Other Ingredient

by Diana Rosen

Water is one of the key ingredients to making a great cup of tea, but many people don't realize this! Not everyone has access to wonderful, fresh tasting spring water, but here is a handy guide on how to identify great tasting water. Your tastebuds will thank you! more >

Monthly Musings October 2008

by Christine Rillo

Autumn is here! Enjoy the cooler weather with a beavy of new flavors: Rhubarb Green, White Cucumber, Hazelnut, Hazelnut Honeybush, Guanabanana, and Coconut Pouchong. Starting your gift shopping early? Check out our new tea chest, in two varieties and our new graviTEA water filtration system. more >

Oolong: Hail the Black Dragon!

by Angela Justice

Intrigued by the mysterious oolong? This article will demystify and perhaps pique your interest about this special tea. Lately, it is being toted around as a weight-loss miracle, but don't be fooled. Enjoy reading the facts about everyone's new favorite tea. more >

Monthly Musings September 2008

by Christine Rillo

September is the gateway to a very special time- it's apple harvest! Our author's unfortunate allergy to this beloved fall fruit prevents her from enjoying fresh apples from the tree, but with Adagio's premium flavored Apple tea and Rooibos Cinnamon Apple anyone can enjoy the juicy, sweet flavor of this fruit any time of the year. more >

Monthly Musings, August 2008

by Christine Rillo

Come beat the heat and the ennui of slow summer days by amusing yourself with some fun tea news from around the world. Also, after many suggestions from you, our beloved customers, we are also pleased to present our own Masala Chai. more >

Olympic Worthy Tea

by Christine Rillo

In 2008, the 29th Olympics were hosted in the largest tea-producing country in the world; China. As tea is one of China's gifts to the world, many Olympic-exclusive teas and merchandise were produced. Come check out what special products were offered during this special event. more >

Monthly Musings July 2008

by Christine Rillo

Summer weather may not entice one to enjoy a piping hot cup of tea. When that heat hits tea enthusiasts and novices alike look for a refreshing glass or pitcher of iced tea. Enjoy the many options for iced tea as well as an easy summertime recipe using Adagio's own Jasmine ready to drink bottled anTEAdote. more >

Tea in Restaurants

by Angela Justice

You check out a lovely, buzzworthy spot for a fine-dining experience. Several courses later, you are stuffed but there is still room for dessert. If you opt for tea over coffee, this is the point in the night where your hopes are dashed as a subpar chest of teabags is brought over. Don't fret- here is a sampling of restaurants that offer sublime food as well as notable tea lists. more >

World Tea Expo Video

by Ilya Kreymerman

For the annual World Tea Expo in Las Vegas, the Adagio crew did their thing- and it was all caught on videotape! Come meet the people who help run Adagio Teas and their favorite parts of the biggest tea show on earth. more >

Monthly Musings June 2008

by Christine Rillo

Not able to attend the annual World Tea Expo? Here is a recap of some great products found at the show. Also, in Adagio Teas news, World Tea Expo was like a family reunion as the team met up from every corner of the world, many of us meeting each other for the first time. more >

Monthly Musings May 2008

by Christine Rillo

Some tea news and goodies from the annual Coffee and Tea Festival in New York City. Tavalon's tea gummies are sweet, tea infused treats; a fun snack when you're looking to cure that sweet, fruity craving. Check out also our new Spring tea arrivals. more >

Monthly Musings April 2008

by Christine Rillo

Spring has sprung! But that doesn't mean that the hot tea doesn't stop! We are counting down the days until our newest Spring harvest of teas arrive. Those who are patient will be rewarded greatly!! more >

Monthly Musings March 2008

by Christine Rillo

In Like a Lion...Out Like a Lamb. This month marks some milestones for some Adagio Tea members. Congrats to Christine and Cynthia! Also, a frequent poster on our boards hosts his own tea party at college; an educational and tea-filled seminar for those new to tea. more >

Love, Tea is in the Air

by Christine Rillo

How to incorporate tea on this yearly celebration of love. Aw.A list of beautiful tea gifts that your loved one will go gaga for. Or if you don't have a loved one in your life, feel free to indulge yourself with these exquisite treats. more >

Monthly Musings February 2008

by Christine Rillo

Happy Shortest Month of the Year! Warm up during this cold month by making a big cup of Valentine's tea. The rich taste of chocolate and strawberry will be sure to keep you toasty these 28 days. more >

Happy New Year, Tea Drinkers!

by Christine Rillo

Happy New Year! We all make resolutions, so make yourself a cup and start jotting them down! As for Adagio Teas news, 2008 brings many new, exciting projects and items that we hope to share with you throughout the year. more >

Tea Girl Survives Coffee Town

by Cynthia Fazekas

A good cuppa in the city that lives for coffee? Cynthia Fazekas, our fearless wholesale manager survives in this coffee-centric town by seeking out some great tea places. Come read about her adventures in Seattle as she check's out the city's best food and tea. more >

Monthly Musings December 2007

by Christine Rillo

Happy Holidays from all of us at Adagio Teas. Stumped on gift giving? Check out our affordable gift sets- perfect for any tea connoisseur in your life. Stressed out about the holidays? Remember to take the time to relax over a cup of tea. more >

Tea and Cheese

by Christine Rillo

An unexpected but fun pairing; great for entertaining! Read this handy guide on how to host your own tea and cheese pairing. A primer on cheeses and what teas pair well with them, and other tips to host a successful party. more >

Tea in College

by Kate Lynch

College: late nights, lots of work, bad food, parties, and...tea? Check out from resident college student Kate Lynch on how tea really is the perfect college drink. That's even excluding beer! more >

Stay Awake, Mate

by Christine Rillo

Confused to what Yerba Mate is? Your questions are answered here. Read up on this popular herb and its energizing properties. We also review our favorite yerba mate brands and let you know where you can get the tastiest mate online. more >

Tea and Sweets

by Christine Rillo
Christine shares her knowledge from the World Tea Expo. A primer on how to pair sweets and teas; the perfect combination for any tea party, however formal or informal it is. more >

Lindsey Goodwin, Vee Teas

by Christine Rillo

Profiles in Tea series. Come read about Lindsey 'Vee' Goodwin, a tea connoisseur who has made her passion for tea her living, with her tea tour company based out of NYC, Vee's Teas. She blogs and writes freelance about all things tea and has many facts and stories about Camila sinensis to share. more >

Hosting a Tea Tasting

by Dina Cheney

For your first tea tasting, it's helpful to include different types of tea. This way, you'll get to know the basic varieties. Once you've had an introductory tasting, it's fun to move on to a tasting featuring only one type of tea. more >

The Tea Party: History and Ideas

by Chris Cason

Traditional and modern ways of enjoying a tea party. more >

Steeped in Love: Wedding Tea

by Chris Cason

Tea's importance in weddings, past and present. more >

Mother's Tea: Ideas for Mom

by Chris Cason

Tea advice for expecting mothers. more >

Fresh Flush: A New Year of Teas

by Chris Cason

The first teas of the new harvest. more >

The Health Benefits of Tea: Then and Now

by Chris Cason

Debunking tea's antiquated stereotypes. more >

Chamomile Tea: hot off the presses

by Chris Cason

Learn about the history of chamomile tea. more >

Making Green Tea: the resolution for a lifetime

by Chris Cason

Tips for a happy and healthy year. more >

Giving Tea

by Chris Cason

A Tea Lover's Letter to the North Pole. more >

The Tea Ceremony: Passing through Customs

by Chris Cason

Exploring the many different practices in taking tea. more >

Tea Infuser: A Synthesis of Art and Function

by TeaMuse

Making tea infusers into art and the art of infusion. more >

Meditations with Tea: Paths to Inner Peace

by Diana Rosen

Preview the next NY Times best seller. more >

Iced Tea - Give us the Benefits

by Michael Cramer

Give us the Benefits, Hold the Preservatives. more >

Iced Tea (or, How I'll Spend My Summer Vacation)

by Chris Cason

Refreshing new ideas for enjoying tea more >

Rooibos Tea

by Chris Cason

More than just an alternative to tea... A red rush! more >

Think Outside the Cup: Cooking with Tea

by Chris Cason

Five fantastic tea recipes for your culinary delight. more >

My Sweet Valentine

by Chris Cason

Enjoying Sweet Tea, the house wine of the South. more >

The Benefits of Tea

by Media Digest

A current summary of tea's amazing health benefits. more >

Tea Party Recipes

by Diana Rosen

Interesting ideas to infuse into your next tea party. more >

Boba: Fun Tea Bubbles Up in Popularity

by Diana Rosen

The coolest form of iced tea imported from Taiwan. more >

Bird Nests and Dragon Balls: Whimsical Tea

by Diana Rosen

A survey of many interesting, beautiful display teas. more >

Skin-Sational: Tea Ideas for Healthy Skin

by Diana Rosen
Ways in which tea may help you look and feel better. more >

Tea in a Bottle

by Michael Cramer

Bold bottlers brave in the crowded US RTD market. more >

Kettle or Microwave: Water for Tea

by Diana Rosen
Comparing heating methods for a better cup of tea. more >

Globo: Tilt When Ready

by Jenaer Glas

The teapot that captured the 2002 iF design award. more >

Rikiyu's Morning Glory

by Diana Rosen
A Sixteenth Century fable about tea and perfection. more >

Ti Kuan Yin: Iron Goddess of Mercy

by Diana Rosen

The fables surrounding this famous Chinese tea. more >

The Artistry of Yixing

by Diana Rosen

The amazing impact wrought by a little purple clay. more >

Water: The Other Important Ingredient

by Diana Rosen
Importance of good water in making a perfect cup. more >

Tea in Art

by Diana Rosen

The appearance of leaves in art, both high and low. more >

Tea in Literature

by Diana Rosen
‘How do I love more >

Tea in Music

by Diana Rosen

A story that will have you doing the more >

Taking Tea... Online

by Melanie Uy’s Coffee and Tea Guide of online tea. more >

Iced Tea: an American Beverage

by Diana Rosen

The story of iced tea, along with some popular recipes. more >

White Tea: Culmination of Elegance

by Joshua Keiser

The history of this deliciously exquisite variety of tea. more >

Calicut Chai

by Diana Rosen
Story of Ancient Calicut, the famous recipe for Chai. more >

Sweet Smell of Tea

by Jane Pettigrew
Tea's recent popularity in cosmetics and perfumes. more >

A 'Mariage' Made in Heaven

by Karen Burns
A history of Mariage Freres and the French art of tea. more >

Tea and Superstition

by Jane Pettigrew
Fortunes told by seemlingly innocuous tea leaves. more >

Cooking with Tea

by Diana Rosen
Infuse your dishes with wonderful flavor of tea. more >

Zen & Leaves: Japanese Tea Ceremony

by Jane Pettigrew
Spiritual refreshment and harmony with the universe. more >

Pairing Teas with Foods

by Diana Rosen
Adventuresome pairings create new taste sensations. more >